Quan Yeomans Regurgitator Discography: Quan Yeomans
Quan Yeomans
(December 31, 2007)
(Photo by Kristian Dowling/Getty Images Entertainment)
Bands: Regurgitator (1994-Present)
Happyland (1998-1999)
Blox (2007)
Quan (Solo) (2008)

Songs Written:
For Blox:
Blue Prince (With Spod)
Intro (With Spod)
Just 3 Minutes (With Spod)
Needle Hits (With Spod)
Pants/Put It Awwwn Ya! (With Spod)
We Are So Full Of Shit (With Spod)

For Happyland:
The Ballad Of Mike Katz (With Janet English)
Chicken? (With Janet English)
Don't You Know Who I Am? (With Janet English)
Don't You Know Who I Am? (The Leaky Shower Remix) (With Janet English)
Don't You Know Who I Am? (The Other Mix) (With Janet English)
Hello! (With Janet English)
Hello! (Rollerdisco) (With Janet English)
Hunk O' Man (With Janet English)
Life In A Loop (With Janet English)
The Plague (Demo) (With Janet English)
The Plot Thins (With Janet English)
Softly Contemporary (With Janet English)
Tale Of Two Sea Monkeys (With Janet English)
Theme From Happyland (With Janet English)

For Quan (Solo):
And This Is What She Said...
Another Day
But Then Jesus Told Me.. (feat. Seja)
Gimme Gimme (feat. Michelle + Spod)
Gimme Gimme (Lick Of Destroy Mix)
Just Like That
Mouthin Off For No Good Reason
The One
The One (Ramborghini Montage Mix)
Reading The Script
The Script (C.O.D. Mix)
A Tale Of Two MCs
Year of The Jerk
Year of The Jerk (R3 Mix)

For Regurgitator:
! (Retrotech Adjustment)
! (The Song Formerly Known As)
(ad spot)
Are U Being Served?
Big Monster, Little Monster (With Ben Ely)
Blood And Spunk
Blubber Boy
Blubber Boy (Riding The Wave Of Fashion Mix)
Crush The Losers
Destroy This Town
The Drop
The Drop (Dragon Monkey Remix)
Every Day (Boom Boom Blend) (Remix by Martin & Magoo)
Everyday Formula
Freshmint! (Cavity Mix)
Freshmint! (Edit)
F.S.O. / F.S.O. + Slo Motion Replay
Fuck The Goddamn World
Fuck The Goddamn World (Kblam! Mix)
G7 Dick Electro Boogie
The Game
Happiness (Radio Edit)
Hullabaloo (Blip Boy Remix)
Hullabaloo (Radio Edit)
Hullabaloo (Speaker Hugger Megamix)
I Like Repetitive Music
I Love Tommy Mottola
I Piss Alone
I Sucked A Lot Of Cock To Get Where I Am
I Was Sent By God To Get You Off
I Will Lick Your Arsehole
I, Zombie
I, Zombie (Zombie Attak Mix)
If This Is The Blues, Why Do I Feel So Green?
Just Another Beautiful Story
Kong Foo Sing
Let's Get High
Like It Like That
The Lonely Guy
Love And Paranoia
Miffy's Simplicity
Music Is Sport
My Ego
My Ego (Dan F 12" Remix)
My Ego (HK Mix)
Nothing To Say
Polyester Girl
Polyester Girl (Rayon Blend)
Polyester Girl (Bass 'n' Garage Dub)
Power Tool (With Ben Ely)
Pop Porn
Pop Porn (Attacked By The Resin Dog Mix)
Pretend Friend
Re-Freshmint! (Harebrain & Doofus Mix)
Return Of The Loser (Closing Ceremony After Party Mix)
Romance Of The Damned (With Seja Vogel)
Sent By God 2 Get U Off
Sent By God (Dub)
Social Disaster
Son Of Sam
Sonnet Of A Media Mogul
Strange Human Being
Superstraight (All Spent Mix)
Superstraight (Radio Edit)
Superstraight (Super Mix)
Track 1
The World Of Sleaze

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