F.S.O. / F.S.O. + Slo Motion Replay

Written By: Quan Yeomans

Recorded At: Sunshine Studios, West End, Brisbane

Released On:
(AUS)1996F.S.O. (Promo)CD(1:41)
(AUS)1996F.S.O. (Single)CD(18:29)
(AUS)1998Take 2CD(1:42)
(UK)2003Jingles (Promo)CDR(1:43)

Comments: The 18:29 Version (F.S.O. + Slo Motion Replay) released on the F.S.O. (Single) has never been released on any other disc. Instead, it is the much shorter Tu-Plang... Album Version that is included on Jingles, even though the Jingles artwork states that it is in fact the 'Single Version'.


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