Tu-Plang... Regurgitator Discography: Tu-Plang... Title:
Catalogue #:
      (AUS) Warner EastWest 0630148952 (CD)
Release Date:
      April 1996
1.I Sucked A Lot Of Cock To Get Where I Am[Yeomans](2:34)
2.Kong Foo Sing[Yeomans](2:57)
3.G7 Dick Electro Boogie[Yeomans](3:38)
4.Couldn't Do It (Happy Shopper Mix)[Ely](4:01)
5.Miffy's Simplicity[Yeomans](1:30)
6.Social Disaster[Yeomans](3:00)
7.Music Is Sport[Yeomans](3:50)
8.348 Hz[Regurgitator](3:00)
11.Pop Porn[Yeomans](3:10)
12.Young Bodies Heal Quickly[Regurgitator](2:31)
13.Blubber Boy (Riding The Wave Of Fashion Mix)[Yeomans](2:18)

Liner Notes:
Produced, Recorded & Mixed By: Magoo and Regurgitator at Center Stage Studios, Bangkok (except track no. 2 & 10).
Engineered By: Magoo and Regurgitator at Center Stage Studios, Bangkok (except track no. 2 & 10).
Track No. 2 & 10: Produced by Magoo and Regurgitator, Engineered and Mixed by Magoo.
Track No. 2: Recorded at Sunshine Studios, West End, Brisbane, Mixed at Red-Zeds, Brisbane.
Track No. 10: Recorded and Mixed at Sunshine Studios.
Mastered by: All tracks mastered by Steve Smart at Studios 301, Sydney.
Illustrations: Benjamin and Quan.
Photography: Dominic O'Brien.
Design & Artwork: Regurgitator / Rockin' Doodles.
Publisher: Control.
Management: Paul Curtis - Consume Management Ph: 07- 3844 8477 Fax: 07- 3844 8490

MARTIN LEE - Acoustic Drums, Prog. on 3
QUAN YEOMANS - Vocals, Guitars, Bass on 8+9, Prog. on 7 & 11
BENJAMIN ELY - Vocals, Bass, Guitars on 8+9, Prog on 14, Keys on 4

Big Hugs & Kisses to Michael Parisi, Mark Pope, Paul Curtis, Magoo, Steve Smart, Jarin & C, QT Caribou, Vinai Productions, Dwight Douglass Synan, Kiley Gaffney, Nettles, (special love and sweetness) Michelle, Molly, All Our Family Bodies, David, Michelle & Shaun, All at Kwala Skatebboarding, Filter, Front End Loader, Spiderbait, The Mark Of Cain, The Boredoms, Glu, Atomic Fireballs, Barbies, Warner Thailand, Warner Australia, Warner Europe, JJJ, RRR, 3-PBS, 2-SER, 4-ZZZ, 6-RTR Perth, Radio 3D Adelaide, 'the man', Gary Richards, Deano, Argonaught, Mick Newton, Kong Foo Sing Fortune Cookie Co., Dave & Milton Atkins, Darren Powdy 4 Boogie, Andy 4 Bassman, Dubwise & Son, Zilgian Cymbals, Justin, Dominic O'Brien...


Manufactured and distributed by Warner Music Australia. A Warner Music Group Company.
(P) & (C) 1996 Warner Music Australia.
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Alternate Versions:
Tu-Plang... saw its release in several formats, Vinyl, CD and Cassette, as well as an International release in the USA, Japan and UK.
The Australian version of the CD had two different releases, both with Catalogue #0630148952. The first, with an Orange CD Label had its booklet/cover made from what appeared to be Recycled paper (being speckled and not 'White'). The later release, with a Black CD label is printed on the more traditional 'White' paper.
A Promo Cassette was released in the UK by Coalition Recordings.
The USA saw a number of Pre-Release promotional discs.

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