Ben Ely Regurgitator Discography: Ben Ely
Ben Ely
(December 31, 2007)
(Photo by Kristian Dowling/Getty Images Entertainment)
Bands: Pangaea (1993-1997)
Regurgitator (1994-Present)
Brokenhead (2000)
The Stalkers (2002)
Decoder Ring (2004)
Jump 2 Light Speed (2006)
Ben Ely's Radio 5 (2008)

Songs Written:
For Ben Ely's Radio 5:
Big Love
Do It!
Eaglehawk Stallionfeet
Get On The Mic And Ride It Like A Bike
I Feel Weird
I'm Psyched
Nightmare Kid
The Radars Are Alive With Aliens
Radio Show
Slam Dance
Transcending Reality
The Wizard Is Down By The River
Whole Wide World
You're Hot

For Brokenhead:
Above The Suppressor Dub
Grace Of Bass (With Guy Webster & Scritch)
Hawaiian Dub
Josephine & The Amazing Flying Machine
Meality Headcase
MISO (With Guy Webster & Scritch)
Remember To Breathe (With Guy Webster & Scritch)

For Decoder Ring:
Alpine Way (As part of Decoder Ring)
Carillion (As part of Decoder Ring)
Electrocution (Hydro Mix) (As part of Decoder Ring)
Heidi's Theme (As part of Decoder Ring)
Heidi's Theme (Reprise) (As part of Decoder Ring)
Higher Higher (As part of Decoder Ring)
More Than Scarlet (As part of Decoder Ring)
Music Box (As part of Decoder Ring)
Naked Snow (As part of Decoder Ring)
Rough Sex (As part of Decoder Ring)
The Siesta Inn (As part of Decoder Ring)
Snowflake (As part of Decoder Ring)
Somersault (As part of Decoder Ring)
Somersault (Score) (As part of Decoder Ring)
You're Hot (As part of Decoder Ring)

For Jump 2 Light Speed:
Baby Snakes
Goodbye My Dinosaur (With Anouk Ely)
Heart Beats Fast
Lazer Beams!
Let Go
Spooky Fun (With Keita Tarrington)
Talk To Myself
Through The Grass Of Our Minds We Play........
Time 4 Us To Go...
The U.F.O. Song (With Hugh Webb)
You Are My Friend In Fire (With Anouk Ely)

For Lah-Lah:
Birds (With Mark & Tina Harris)

For Pangaea:
(Unnamed Intro) (With Pangaea)
200 Years (With Paul Bromley & Dave Atkins)
Alderly (With Dave Atkins & Paul Bromley)
Boys (With Paul Bromley)
Collosus (With Jim Sinclair & Dave Atkins)
Dun-Dar (With Dave Atkins)
Eye Of The Storm (With Jim Sinclair & Dave Atkins)
Eye To The Sun
Grasshopper (With Jim Sinclair & Dave Atkins)
Heave Away (With Jim Sinclair & Dave Atkins)
Man From Mars (With Jim Sinclair & Dave Atkins)
Maze (With Dave Atkins & Jim Sinclair)
No Man's Man (With Jim Sinclair & Dave Atkins)
Oxygen (With Jim Sinclair & Dave Atkins)
Plastic Head (With Paul Bromley)
Power Of Three (With Jim Sinclair & Dave Atkins)
Red Meat (With Jim Sinclair & Dave Atkins)
Rough Heads (With Jim Sinclair & Dave Atkins)
Security Service
Song Of The Infinite (With Jim Sinclair & Dave Atkins)
Superdub (With Jim Sinclair & Dave Atkins)
Tyranny (With Dave Atkins & Magoo)
Watercress (With Jim Sinclair & Dave Atkins)
Worms (With Dave Atkins & Jim Sinclair)

For Regurgitator:
Armageddon Premonition
Big Monster, Little Monster (With Quan Yeomans)
Black Bugs
Bong In My Eye
Bong Remix
Brain Dub
Couldn't Do It
Couldn't Do It (Happy Shopper Mix)
Disco Crazy
Don't Bring Your Devils Home
Don't Go 2 Sleep
Drinking Beer Is Awesome! (With Steve Bourke)
Driving In The Rain
Fat Cop
Feels Alright!
Hang Up
Here She Comes
I Like Your Old Remix Better Than Your New Remix
I Like Your Old Stuff Better Than Your New Stuff
I Wanna Be A Nudist
I'm Sensible
Kill The Goat, Man...
Kill Your TV
Killer Budd (With Unrefrigerated Meat)
Living In The City
Lounge Rhinocerous
Metal Is Big (Demo Version)
Metal Is Big In The Baltic States
Modern Life
Mr T.
My Computer Crashed
My Friend Robot
Obtusian (With Martin Lee)
Power Tool (With Quan Yeomans)
Psychic Dirt
Ronald's Lobotomy
Shopping Mall Soul
Sun Comes Thru My Window
Swimming With Piranhas
This Is God Talking To You From Outer Space
Virtual Life

For The Stalkers:
1 2 3 4 5 (As part of The Stalkers)
All I Wanna Do Is Rock N' Roll (As part of The Stalkers)
Godzilla Attacks (As part of The Stalkers)
Heartbreaker (As part of The Stalkers)
Jenny (As part of The Stalkers)
Rock N' Roll Til I Die (As part of The Stalkers)
Saturday Night (As part of The Stalkers)

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