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To my knowledge, prior to 1994, there was only one recording by any Regurgitator-Related band. That being Ben's band, Pangaea.
Unfortunately, at this point, I do not have any definite details about it, but I believe it is a version of the 1997 EP 'Serpent Fire' (which was probably a Re-Release on Valve Records).
From the liner notes of the 1997 edition, it states that all songs are © 1993, and were 'Re-Mastered' in 1997 for the Valve release.
I have listed the details of the 1997 Serpent Fire EP here for now, but would appreciate any help clearing this up. Regurgitator Discography: Pangaea - Serpent Fire EP Band:
      Serpent Fire EP
Catalogue #:
Release Date:
      1. Dun-Dar
      2. Man From Mars
      3. Grasshopper
      4. Eye Of The Storm
      5. Watercress
      6. Heave Away
      7. No Man's Man

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