Regurgitator Discography

1994(AUS) Pangaea/Regurgitator Demo TapeCassette
1995(AUS)Warner EastWest4509991422 Self-Titled EP (7 Track Version)CD
1995(AUS)Warner EastWest4509997402 Self-Titled EP (5 Track Version)CD
1995(AUS)Warner EastWest0630117632 New EPCD
1995(UK)Coalition Recordings? Blubber Boy (Promo)CD
1995(UK)Coalition RecordingsCOLA 017CD Blubber Boy (Single)CD
1995(UK)Coalition RecordingsCOLA 017 Blubber Boy (Single)7" Vinyl
1995(USA)Reprise Records9 46437-2 New EP (Promo)CD
1995(USA)Reprise Records9 46437-2 New EPCD
1996(AUS)Warner EastWestREGPROM1 F.S.O. (Promo)CD
1996(AUS)Warner EastWest0630139772 F.S.O. (Single)CD
1996(AUS)Warner EastWest0630145882 Kong Foo Sing (Single)CD
1996(UK)Coalition Recordingsno catalogue # Tu-Plang... (Promo)Cassette
1996(AUS)Warner EastWest0630148951 Tu-Plang...12" Vinyl
1996(AUS)Warner EastWest0630148952 Tu-Plang...CD
1996(AUS)Warner EastWest0630148954 Tu-Plang...Cassette
1996(AUS)Warner EastWestREGU/2 Miffy's Simplicity (Promo)CD
1996(AUS)Warner EastWest0630165232 Miffy's Simplicity (Single)CD
1996(USA)Reprise Records2-46509-AB Tu-Plang... (Promo)CD
1996(USA)Reprise Recordsno catalogue # Tu-Plang... + Tu (Promo)CD
1996(USA)Reprise Records9 46509-2 Tu-Plang... (Promo)CD
1996(JPN)Warner Music JapanAMCE-2018 Tu-Plang...CD
1996(UK)Coalition RecordingsCOLA 041 I Sucked A Lot Of Cock To Get Where I Am (Single)7" Vinyl
1996(USA)Sub PopSP 383 I Sucked A Lot Of Cock To Get Where I Am (Single)7" Vinyl
1996(AUS)Warner EastWest0630172673 RegurgitatedVHS
1996(AUS)Warner EastWest0630189383 RegurgitatedVHS + T-Shirt
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