Pangaea - Serpent Fire EP Regurgitator Discography: Pangaea - Serpent Fire EP Band:
      Serpent Fire EP
Catalogue #:
      (AUS) Valve Records V8 (CD)
Release Date:
1.Dun-Dar[Ely / Sinclair / Atkins](4:32)
2.Man From Mars[Ely / Sinclair / Atkins](3:27)
3.Grasshopper[Ely / Sinclair / Atkins](1:21)
4.Eye Of The Storm[Ely / Sinclair / Atkins](1:35)
5.Watercress[Ely / Sinclair / Atkins](3:43)
6.Heave Away[Ely / Sinclair / Atkins](2:48)
7.No Man's Man[Ely / Sinclair / Atkins](5:18)

Liner Notes:
Recorded at WEM, Brisbane in 93
Produced by Wyn Wynard
Re-Mastered at The Refinery by Jeff Lovejoy in 97
Art by Ben-Wah, Re-Designed layout by Consume/Curtis

Ben - Bass, Vocals / Dave - Drums / Jim - Guitar
Guest Artists:
Richard Spacey, Grant McMillan, Marcello Milani - Backing Vocals
Marcello Milani - Didgeridoo / Bob Axford - Keys on Heaveaway

Thanks to.... Jeff Lovejoy, Costa, JJJ, Cliff Chandler, Wahanui, WEM, Shaun Williamson, Sab, JW Kenny, Origin, Tony at Sonor Drums, Musicians Pro Shop, Don at Zildjian, Brasilia, Argonaut, RF Brahm, Music Worx, Powderfinger, Zooerastia, Fat, Pitchfork, Gravelrash, Chopper Division, Castle Ernest, Steve, Alex, Dave Miller, Vision Skin Art, Molly Moon, Rene´┐Ż, Storm for inspiration, Tracey, David Barker, Tony McGrath, Ben D, Jevan Cole, One Straw, Rachel, Bat, Mark Charters, Pollo Yo Te Amor, M & L Atkins, Ma & Pa Sinclair, Mr & Mrs Ely and Christina, Kev, Norma, Julie, Tony the Toaster, PCR, Paul Curtis and to everyone who supported Pangaea over the time.
All songs copyright Pangaea 1993

V8 Valve PO Box 12700 Elizabeth St, Brisbane 4001
© Pangaea 93/97
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Alternate Versions:
I am not 100% sure, but I believe Serpent Fire was originally released in 1993, though I have no more details.
The first Valve Records release, V1 was Pangaea's Raggacore EP in 1994, so if Serpent Fire was earlier, then it may not have been a Valve Release (hence this later version on Valve).

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