Pangaea - Raggacore EP Regurgitator Discography: Pangaea - Raggacore EP Band:
      Raggacore EP
Catalogue #:
      (AUS) Valve Records V1 (CD)
Release Date:
1.Red Meat[Ely / Sinclair / Atkins](3:07)
2.Collosus[Ely / Sinclair / Atkins](4:08)
3.Song Of The Infinite[Ely / Sinclair / Atkins](3:45)
4.Power Of Three[Ely / Sinclair / Atkins](3:24)

Liner Notes:
Thanks.... Paul Campbell Ryder, Joe Panetta, Darren Hawthorne, Simon Kaine, Nick Tkalac, Bill Blake, Brett Williams, David Barker, Tony McGrath, Dave Williams, Adam, Livid, 4ZZZ, Rave Printing, Musicworx, Tilt, Drumworx - Neil & Marty, Sonor & Ufip, Psycho, Finny, Dave Hendo, Powderfinger, R.F. Brahm, Toothfaeries, Trout Fishing In Quebec, Emporium, Soundsurgery, Dr. Funk, Matthew Dufty, Stacey... You Spinner, Adam & Damian.... For Support, The Zoo.... For Feeding Us, Paul Curtis, All Our Folks & Friends and the Universal Energy that flows through us all...

Bass plays Ben
Guitar plays Jim
Drums play Dave
All Songs Ely/Sinclair/Atkins
Copyright Control
Pangaea manages Paul C.
Recorded Mar/Apr 94, Red Zeds, Brisbane
Lachlan Magoo was Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Pangaea.
Disc Art - Brett Williams
Shrine - Ben
Shrinephoto - David Barker
Livephotos - Darren Hawthorne
Art & Layout - Paul C.
For detailed plans and conspiracy theories write PO Box 12700 Elizabeth St Bris 4001

Made in Australia by Disctronics.
Manufactured & Distributed by Shock Records PO Box 434 Richmond Australia 3121 Fax (613)482 3873
Valve PO Box 12700 Brisbane Australia 4001

© Copyright 94 Pangaea/Valve
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Alternate Versions:
There are two different covers for this release, I am unsure on whether there are any other differences, as I have only got the Blue cover.

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