2006 Regurgitator Discography: No Image Available Band:
      Mish Mash!
Catalogue #:
      (JPN) Avex/Tearbridge Records NFCT-27019 (CD)
Release Date:
      10th May 2006
1.The Drop[Yeomans](3:06)
2.My Friend Robot[Ely](2:58)
3.I, Zombie[Yeomans](3:16)
4.Pretty Girls Don't Swear[ ? ](?:??)
5.Shopping Mall Soul[Ely](2:48)
6.The Game[Yeomans](4:16)
7.My Computer Crashed[Ely](2:23)
8.Metal Is Big In The Baltic States[Ely](2:13)
9.Sonnet Of A Media Mogul[Yeomans](4:06)
10.My Ego[Yeomans](3:21)
11.Don't Go 2 Sleep[Ely](2:13)
11½.Mish Mash![Lancaster / Mathieson](1:07)
12.I'm Sensible[Ely](2:38)
13.If This Is The Blues, Why Do I Feel So Green?[Yeomans](3:43)
14.I Was Sent By God To Get You Off[Yeomans](12:32)
Note: Tracks after Track 11 are labelled with these numbers on the Mish Mash! Cover. They are in this order & are obviously 12-15.
I believe Pretty Girls Don't Swear is the same song as Pretty Girls Swear (released in Australia on the #*?! EP), but may be mislabelled due to translation issues (as is Valve Records, being labelled as Verve Records). Regurgitator Discography: Jump 2 Light Speed - You Are My Friend In Fire (Single) Band:
      Jump 2 Light Speed
      You Are My Friend In Fire (Single)
Catalogue #:
      (AUS) Valve Records V79 (CD)
Release Date:
      5th August 2006
      1. You Are My Friend In Fire
      2. Baby Snakes Regurgitator Discography: Jump 2 Light Speed - Spooky Fun Band:
      Jump 2 Light Speed
      Spooky Fun
Catalogue #:
      (AUS) Valve Records V76 (CD)
Release Date:
      2nd September 2006
2.You Are My Friend In Fire[Ely / A. Ely](3:12)
3.Baby Snakes[Ely](3:09)
4.The U.F.O. Song[Webb / Ely](2:45)
6.Lazer Beams![Ely](2:52)
7.Let Go[Ely](2:36)
9.Through The Grass Of Our Minds We Play........[Ely](3:27)
10.Talk To Myself[Ely](3:32)
11.Heart Beats Fast[Ely](3:41)
13.Goodbye My Dinosaur[Ely / A. Ely](3:37)
14.Spooky Fun[Tarrington / Ely](0:59)
15.Time 4 Us To Go...[Ely](0:32)
Please Note: Tracks 5 and 12 are not titled on the CD's tracklist. Piano's title was sourced from the Liner Notes, whereas the title "Products" was sourced from iTunes.


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