Jingles (Promo) Regurgitator Discography: Jingles (Promo) Title:
      Jingles (Promo)
Catalogue #:
      (UK) Kennel Records no catalogue # (CDR)
Release Date:
1.Kong Foo Sing (Album Version)[Yeomans](2:59)
2.I Wanna Be A Nudist (Album Version)[Ely](2:00)
3.! (The Song Formerly Known As) (Single Version)[Yeomans](3:27)
4.Hullabaloo (Album Version)[Yeomans](2:54)
5.Track 1 (EP Version)[Yeomans](2:48)
6.Superstraight (Album Version)[Yeomans](4:05)
7.I Sucked A Lot Of Cock (Album Version)[Yeomans](2:36)
8.Blubber Boy (EP Version)[Yeomans](2:43)
9.Happiness (Album Version)[Yeomans](3:56)
10.Everyday Formula (Album Version)[Yeomans](2:10)
11.F.S.O. (Single Version)[Yeomans](1:43)
12.Miffy's Simplicity (Album Version)[Yeomans](1:31)
13.Polyester Girl (Single Version)[Yeomans](3:31)
14.I Like It Like That (EP Version)[Yeomans](4:20)
15.Black Bugs (Album Version)[Ely](2:59)
16.Freshmint (Album Version)[Yeomans](3:55)
17.Couldn't Do It (EP Version)[Ely](3:15)
18.Modern Life (Album Version)[Ely](2:15)
19.Fat Cop (Album Version)[Ely](3:21)
20.Crush The Losers (EP Version)[Yeomans](3:49)
21.Disco Crazy (Unreleased)[Ely](4:23)
Whilst F.S.O. is credited as the 'Single Version', this is the Album Version. The single was only ever released as an 18 minute track, labelled 'F.S.O. + Slo Motion Replay'.
The Song 'Like It Like That' has for some reason been retitled 'I Like It Like That' for this release. 'To Get Where I Am' is also missing from the Title of 'I Sucked A Lot Of Cock'.

Liner Notes:
Promo Use Only
Not For Resale
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Alternate Versions:
Jingles was also released as an album in the UK, as well as Japan and Australia.
The Japanese release included an extra track, 'FTGW (Kblam! Mix)'.

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