Track 1

Written By: Quan Yeomans

Recorded At: 48 Volts.

Released On:
(AUS)1995New EP(2:48)
(UK)2003Jingles (Promo)CDR(2:48)


Lyrics: My life is a paradox
Seems that I care a lot
Meaning that I stare a lot
But I don't give a fuck
Armchair compassionate
Accessory fashion it
Get me a character
Fit to assassinate
I generalise criticise amplify
Exemplifying what?
Take a shot.
Then sell it while the barrel's hot.
Lying there and rotting
Thinking what do I crave?
Slave to the market
Market for the slaves
I'm just a sucker like you
Social stand outs
With plastic obsessions
Commercial handouts
For catchy confessions
I got the Fear that I gonna get afflicted
With a means to an end I'm contradicted
Lost my integrity
Just momentarily
Grab its sorry ass and pin the fucker down please
Slap it in the face till it quits the hysteric Rhetoric,
Then my friend you can get to bury it.

(Taken from the Liner Notes of the New EP)

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