Jingles Regurgitator Discography: Jingles Title:
Catalogue #:
      (JPN) Warner Music Japan AMCE-10010 (CD)
Release Date:
      7th November 2002
1.Kong Foo Sing (Album Version)[Yeomans](2:59)
2.I Wanna Be A Nudist (Album Version)[Ely](2:00)
3.! (The Song Formerly Known As) (Single Version)[Yeomans](3:27)
4.Hullabaloo (Album Version)[Yeomans](2:54)
5.Track 1 (EP Version)[Yeomans](2:48)
6.Superstraight (Album Version)[Yeomans](4:05)
7.I Sucked A Lot Of Cock (Album Version)[Yeomans](2:36)
8.Blubber Boy (EP Version)[Yeomans](2:43)
9.Happiness (Album Version)[Yeomans](3:56)
10.Everyday Formula (Album Version)[Yeomans](2:10)
11.F.S.O. (Single Version)[Yeomans](1:43)
12.Miffy's Simplicity (Album Version)[Yeomans](1:31)
13.Polyester Girl (Single Version)[Yeomans](3:31)
14.I Like It Like That (EP Version)[Yeomans](4:20)
15.Black Bugs (Album Version)[Ely](2:59)
16.Freshmint (Album Version)[Yeomans](3:55)
17.Couldn't Do It (EP Version)[Ely](3:15)
18.Modern Life (Album Version)[Ely](2:15)
19.Fat Cop (Album Version)[Ely](3:21)
20.Crush The Losers (EP Version)[Yeomans](3:49)
21.Disco Crazy (Unreleased)[Ely](4:23)
22.FTGW (Kblam! Mix) (Bonus Track For Japan)[Yeomans](4:12)
Whilst F.S.O. is credited as the 'Single Version', this is the Album Version. The single was only ever released as an 18 minute track, labelled 'F.S.O. + Slo Motion Replay'.
The Song 'Like It Like That' has for some reason been retitled 'I Like It Like That' for this release. 'To Get Where I Am' is also missing from the Title of 'I Sucked A Lot Of Cock'.

Liner Notes:
℗ & © 2001 Warner Music Australia.
All Rights Reserved.
Manufactured and Distributed by Warner Music Japan. Warner Music Group, An AOL Time Warner Company.
Unauthorized Duplication, Public Performance, Broadcasting, Renting, Copying and Making Transmittable Of this Disc Prohibited.
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Alternate Versions:
Jingles was also released in Australia and the UK (with a Promo release in the UK as well).
This version includes a Japanese only Bonus Track, 'FTGW (Kblam! Mix)'.

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