Crush The Losers

Written By: Quan Yeomans

Recorded At: Home.

Released On:
(AUS)2000Crush The Losers EPCD(3:50)
(UK)2003Jingles (Promo)CDR(3:49)


Lyrics: Are you ready for the one?
Get on your knees 'cos the messiah has come.
I'm fit, I'm stoned.
I'm gonna bring you home the motherlode.
Shaved muscle, hot fist.
I'm number one, there's nothing better than this.
If you're second, then you're last.
Another extra in an all star cast.
Yeah you're a real stiff bicky with a heart of steel.
No going back this time you know it's for real.
Here we go...
Crush! Crush the losers.
Rock hard, like stone.
You want your mama but your mama's at home.
You'll break and you'll mend.
Get used to pain 'cos that's your only friend.
Play tough, play to win.
'Cos if you don't you may's well pack it all in.
There's no wong and no right.
You're in the jungle baby you're gonna die!

(Taken from the Liner Notes of the Crush The Losers EP)

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