Pretend Friend

Written By: Quan Yeomans

Recorded At: Red-Zed's Studios.

Released On:
(AUS)1995Self-Titled EP (5 Track Version)CD(5:34)

Comments: The Self-Titled EP (5 Track Version) version of this song is 5:34 long, as it contains two hidden tracks; 'Cynicism Hypocrisy Self Pitying Isolation' and 'In One Ear'.

Lyrics: This is my Pretend Friend,
Treat him with kindness,
Take her wherever I go,
Just so there's someone I know.
He's made of plastic,
So she won't talk back.
He is a good friend because she's pretend.
This is my Pretend Friend,
She is my witness.
He's filled her head with unspeakable acts,
He'll talk for hours,
She never sours.
He is a good friend she doesn't offend.
(Bitchin' Guitar Lead Break)
This is my Pretend Friend,
She fakes so well,
I fuck him everynight and brag about it,
But then it's quite true,
That I don't like you.
You are a good friend because you are pretend.

(Taken from the Liner Notes of the Self-Titled EP (5 Track Version))

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