Taiwan / Taiwanese Tazos Guide

This guide is designed to list all sets of Tazos, and similar discs, released in Taiwan, and, where possible, include a listing of any and all variations to the sets.

For ease of use, sets are listed in Alphabetical Order, and so some sets will appear odd or out of order (where their numbers do not start at 1).

Any help would be appreciated to pad out these pages, so if you know of sets that are not listed, or additional details for sets that are listed, please submit them.

Click on a set name to get more details and/or a checklist and picture listing.

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Set Name Year # in Set Variations # (inc. Variations) Known Errors
Set Name Year # in Set Variations # (inc. Variations) Known Errors
哆啦A梦 (Doraemon) 2006 24 No 24 No
甲虫王者 Mushiking: The Guardians Of The Forest ? 24 No 24 No
真珠美人魚 (Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch) 2005 24 No 24 No
Pokémon (Pikachu & Ash Running On Back) ? 12? No 12 No
Pokémon (Starburst Hologram) ? 88 No 88 No
Pokémon / ポケットモンスター (LP On Back) ? 2? No 2 No
Pokémon Advanced Generation / 神奇寶貝 超世代 ? 48? No 48 No
Pokémon Battle Ace (神奇寶貝 戰鬥王牌) ? 48? No 48 No
Yu-Gi-Oh! ? 9? No 9 No