Pangaea - Freibentos Regurgitator Discography: Pangaea - Freibentos Band:
Catalogue #:
      (AUS) Warner EastWest 0630191492 (CD)
Release Date:
      7th July 1997
(Unnamed Intro)[Pangaea](0:31)
1.Boys[Ely / Bromley](3:10)
2.Plastic Head[Ely / Bromley](1:49)
5.Security Service[Ely](2:24)
6.Collosus[Ely / Sinclair / Atkins](4:08)
7.200 Years[Bromley / Ely / Atkins](2:00)
13.Tyranny[Atkins / Magoo / Ely](3:14)
14.I'm The Pig[Miller](0:20)
15.Worms[Atkins / Sinclair / Ely](1:52)
16.Dun-Dar[Atkins / Ely](3:28)
17.Man From Mars[Sinclair / Ely / Atkins](3:58)
18.Rough Heads[Sinclair / Ely / Atkins](4:21)
19.Maze[Atkins / Sinclair / Ely](1:50)
20.Superdub[Sinclair / Ely / Atkins](2:01)
21.Oxygen[Ely / Sinclair / Atkins](3:43)
22.Alderly[Atkins / Ely / Bromley](2:36)
23.Eye To The Sun[Ely](13:51)

Liner Notes:
Produced by:
David Atkins/Ben Ely/Jeff Lovejoy & Magoo
Recorded & Mixed by: Jeff Lovejoy/Magoo & David Atkins
Recorded at: Red Zeds, Brisbane & Rockinghorse, Byron Bay
Mastered by: Steve Smart & Jeff Lovejoy at Studios 301, Sydney
Artwork, Concept & Design by: Paul Curtis
Photography: Chris Healy
Management: Paul Curtis @ Consume. Ph:(61-7)3844-8477 Fax:(61-7)3844-8490
Benjamin Ely-Bass/Vocals/Guitar/Keyboards/Drums
David Atkins-Drums/Samples/Clout
Jim Sinclair-Guitar
Paul Bromley-Guitar/Peace/Love/Nakedness
Brad Weynton-Guitar on Alderly only

Paul Bromley thanks:
Tony Dozer, Bradley Bean, Tyson, Dave Matt, Steve Pope- "The Impersonator", Freddy Feebles, Kahlua & Fresh Fruit.

Benjamin Ely thanks:
Michael Parisi, Paul Curtis, Sheree, Ben Godnose, Richard, Craig & Popa Williams, Poara Daniel & The Softcock Giraffes, Brad, Dave, Michelle & Sean, Maton Guitars, Tyson, Andy @ Kwala Skateboards.

Jim Sinclair thanks:
The Band, The Folks, Rob Hudson, The Mighty Inspiration of God

Dave Atkins thanks:
Mum & Dad & Alex.A, To my financial support & medical expert-DJ Katch, Resin Dogs, Jeff Blunted Stylus-for inspiration, Regurgitator-for more financial support, the Little Red Antennaed Alien (you bug me out), Sheree-for constant phone___, Sound Surgery-Adam, Steve & Co., Powderfinger, My second family-The Zoo Army (love ya!), My mentor PC & the unforgettable Kiley Gaffney-eternal kisses, Oiler Lube Team-love you all, Tony@Sonor UFIP (I use & abuse excessively), Shane-my herbalist & naturopath, Magoo-for being busy, Jeff GloveBoy- giving Heavy Metal faith, Ty Dog Royale-for always being around (with fresh fruit), To all the people we've begged, borrowed and stolen DAT players from-we love ya! Isis, Taki, Black Sapote, Shock Fungus, Elevation, Toothfaeries, Bulldozer, PCR & all the other Brisbane bands and people that I've played or mixed for. Rocket From The Crypt, Civ, Bikini Kill, TMOC & Dubwar.

General Thanks:
Dan Hennessy & Aloha, Mick Newton, Mark Haughton & Thrillseeker, Warner Music - Mark Pope & Michael Parisi, Shock Records & Russel Barecivic & Tom, Chris Morris-Photo's, Chris Healy- Live Photo's on CD (of Ben, Dave & Paul), Peter Walsh (Livid, BDO), Disguises-Costume Hire, Kathy Dora-Live Photo of Jim on CD, Artwork inspired by Tomi Ungerer "White Power/Black Power" Ultraman & Life. Fuck Your "One Nation" Party.

℗ & © 1997 Warner Music Australia. Manufactured and Distributed by Warner Music Australia. A Warner Music Group Company.
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Alternate Versions:
Different versions of Collosus, Dun-Dar and Man From Mars were all previously released on Pangaea's Raggacore and Serpent Fire EP's.

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