Feasting In Bangkok
Thursday, 9th December 2010, 22:37

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We recently spent three weeks eating our way around South East Asia. We have sorted through our thousands of photos to bring you our favourite Thai hawker and restaurant food in Bangkok.

Our first proper meal after landing was, of course, the tourist staple, Pad Thai.
Feasting In Bangkok
Rice noodles, with veggies, chicken and tofu, flavoured with lime and tamarind and topped with egg. When served at a cheap plastic table in the middle of a bustling market for only 50 baht ($1.60), it doesn't get much better for street food.
A few strange signs only help the atmosphere...
Feasting In Bangkok

For a fancy welcome dinner we dined outside right on the banks of the Chao Phraya River, at the Arun Residence / The Deck by the River. After a round of mocktails & beers,
Feasting In Bangkok
(Fresh lime juice, with mint, soda and sugar syrup. Sooo refreshing in the heat and humidity)
Feasting In Bangkok
Feasting In Bangkok
The three of us demolished a range of delicious and (comparatively expensive) Thai food.
Satay chicken. The bread was great for mopping up all the excess sauce.
Feasting In Bangkok
Massive river prawns in a green curry with baby corn, kale and capsicum.
Feasting In Bangkok
Chicken stirfry with mixed veggies
Feasting In Bangkok

We stayed out from the main hotel area, and this little café was our favourite lunch place.
Feasting In Bangkok
Check out the funky chairs!
Feasting In Bangkok
For 15 baht (45c) we could get an ice cold Pepsi,
Feasting In Bangkok
to go with super tasty 40 Baht ($1.20) stirfries, such as chicken in yellow curry,
Feasting In Bangkok
or beef with mixed herbs. Those little green things are fresh green peppercorns; they pack a serious heat punch when bitten into which no amount of Pepsi could counteract.
Feasting In Bangkok

A visit to the Suan Lum Night Bazaar for some hawker food.
Iced tea with lime and fresh fruit shakes, pineapple and watermelon. I lived on these! A huge chunk of fruit, ice and a squeeze of lime blended together into a refreshing drink.
Feasting In Bangkok
Salt and pepper baby crab and spring rolls.
Feasting In Bangkok
BBQ chicken with rice. Simple, but done so well, smoky and delicious.
Feasting In Bangkok

A meal under the stars starting with a frosty glass of rosella juice.
Feasting In Bangkok
Chicken with cashews.
Feasting In Bangkok
King prawns with broccoli, fresh and simple.
Feasting In Bangkok
Salt and pepper pork ribs, Lovely layers of crispy fat and a nice crunchy coating.
Feasting In Bangkok
Cute heart shaped rice.
Feasting In Bangkok
Tiny dishes of sticky, salty coconut rice, a perfect finish to a meal.
Feasting In Bangkok

And finally, the simple and tasty lunch served as part of our Flight of the Gibbon day: Egg and rice, green curry sauce, watermelon and pineapple.
Feasting In Bangkok
So hungry right now...

1wow - all of this food is making me miss thailand!
by Rochelle on Dec 22nd @ 04:40pm

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