Daring Bakers' Challenge - Decorated Sugar Cookies
Monday, 27th September 2010, 22:13

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The September 2010 Daring Bakers' challenge was hosted by Mandy of "What the Fruitcake?!" Mandy challenged everyone to make Decorated Sugar Cookies based on recipes from Peggy Porschen and The Joy of Baking.

The appeal of Sugar Cookies is the chance to be creative, a chance to tip out all of your cookie cutters, decorating gels, piping bags and sprinkles and unleash them upon a small ball of unsuspecting dough. To be honest, I don't actually like the cookies themselves, I much prefer a crumbly textured, chewy cookie that is dropped in random blobs on a tray and baked, like an Anzac or giant choc chip cookie. But I have always wanted to make them, and this month was presented with the challenge by the Daring Bakers. Our only mandatory conditions were that we had to use the recipe supplied, and we had to decorate them, specifically with the theme of "September" and whatever creative spark that ignited.
Unfortunately my spark simply fizzled. I could imagine Christmas snowflakes sparkling with decorators' sugar, or a set of science cookies to contribute to Ms Humbles monthly round up, but September drew a blank. No weddings, birthdays, baby showers or anniversaries. There was one very sad family occasion, but not to be celebrated with cookies. This, and the fact that I only own one type of cookie cutter, a set of three gingerbread men cutters, meant I didn't actually start baking until one day before the deadline.
My results aren't fantastic, I had the cookies perfectly baked and cooling in the oven, when a few hours later I cranked up the temp to bake my Pear, Apple and Cheddar Pie. When I remembered 20 mins later, my cookies were looking a little worse for wear. It was then that I decided to create a beach scene to celebrate spring and the weather finally getting warm enough for a dip. Instead of being burnt, my little people are now just "sunburnt" and sending a sun safe message about skin cancer.
Daring Bakers
When I have proper inspiration I will definitely remake these, they are simple and surprisingly tasty. They definitely allow you to unleash something creative, and a browse through the cake decorating aisle in Spotlight will make a dent in your finances.
I challenge you to give it a go, and also check out the fantastic work of other bakers on the Daring Bakers site. Original recipe PDF available here.

Sugar Cookies
Daring Bakers
Very simple pantry items are required, sugar, flour, vanilla, egg. This is the full recipe, I halved it to produce my cookies.
Daring Bakers
Cream together 200g unsalted butter at room temperature, with 200g caster sugar and 5mL vanilla extract until just creamy, don't beat as much as you would for a cake.
Daring Bakers
Daring Bakers
Beat in one large egg until just incorporated.
Add 400g sifted plain flour and gently incorporate on a low speed.
Daring Bakers
Tip onto a lightly floured surface and lightly knead into a ball.
Daring Bakers
Daring Bakers
Divide into 2-3 portions and place each between two pieces of baking or parchment paper.
Roll out to a thickness of 5mm, then place in fridge for at least 30mins.
Daring Bakers
Once chilled, take off top piece of paper and lay face down on lightly floured surface. Gently peel off second piece of paper.
Cut into desired shapes, place gently on oven tray.
Daring Bakers
Scraps can be kneaded together and the process repeated until all dough is used.
Daring Bakers
Bake at 180° for 8-15 mins until golden around the edges.
Daring Bakers
Daring Bakers
Once cool, decorate as desired using royal icing (recipe in original pdf), gels, sprinkles, lollies: whatever you can imagine.
Daring Bakers
Eat or store in an airtight container for a week if decorated, or a month if plain.
Daring Bakers
Hehe, Borat...

1Very inventive!
by Renata on Sep 27th @ 10:41pm

2Haha! I love that you turned them from "a little burnt" to "a little sunburnt" - that is awesome. Really well done.
by Shelley C on Sep 28th @ 01:14am

3Love little baby Borat, and that your biscuits are promoting skin cancer education, too!
by Thea on Sep 28th @ 03:54pm

4LOL, I adore your sunburnt beach cookies!!! Way to make lemonade out of lemons!! They are way cute!
by Jenni on Sep 28th @ 09:03pm

5I love your cookies.....esp the borat one ha ha ha ha, love love love them.
by Renuka on Sep 29th @ 06:46am

by Nadia on Sep 29th @ 03:33pm

7hehe, who would have thought a Mankini on a Biscuit would be so popular? Thankyou all for your lovely comments! :)
by fivesquaremeals on Oct 2nd @ 10:36pm

8Hi Carly,

I'm the girl who met you at The Dutch Shop couple months ago. I apologized for not replying your message since I'm currently not in australia. I'm so glad you've visited my blog even the language is not in English :D

thank you for your suggestion. I look forward to meet you again.

btw, I love your Borat cookies!
by Jessica on Oct 4th @ 01:31pm

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