Whalebone Wharf, Port Macquarie
Tuesday, 12th October 2010, 20:08

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The October Long Weekend was not fantastic weather wise. It rained non-stop and sent us back into winter hibernation. Late on the Sunday afternoon, deep into our stack of DVD's, we received an invite out to dinner. Although very tempted to stay put, on hearing that dinner was at the Whalebone Wharf, a seafood restaurant I have been wanting to try for ages, we were quickly out from under the blankets and made the wet 40min drive down to Port Macquarie. We arrived before dark (it being the first day of daylight savings) and despite the clouds, took in the amazing water views over the oyster farms and boats. The deck covered in fairy lights would be a perfect place to sit on a warm summer evening.
Whalebone Wharf, Port Macquarie
Whalebone Wharf, Port Macquarie
This is what we came for!
Whalebone Wharf, Port Macquarie
Fresh seafood at its best: between six, we shared two of these large seafood platters ($125).
Fresh prawns, oysters- natural, kilpatrick and mornay, scallops, soft-shell crab, salt and pepper calamari, fresh fruit and garden salad.
Whalebone Wharf, Port Macquarie
Lobster Mornay, garlic prawns, garlic prawns and fish of the day on a bed of rice.
Whalebone Wharf, Port Macquarie
As if this wasn't enough, we also added some sides to share:
Steakhouse fries with garlic aioli ($5.90),
Whalebone Wharf, Port Macquarie
Steamed vegetables ($7.90)
Whalebone Wharf, Port Macquarie
and Garden Salad ($9.50).
Whalebone Wharf, Port Macquarie
It was quite a feast!
Whalebone Wharf, Port Macquarie
To warm us up for the drive home, of course we had to sample the desserts.
The Chocolate Assiette ($19.50), a selection of petit chocolate desserts designed for two. Chocolate fondant, white chocolate pannacotta and chocolate tart.
Whalebone Wharf, Port Macquarie
Freshly baked sticky date pudding, drizzled in butterscotch sauce ($13.50).
Whalebone Wharf, Port Macquarie
Vanilla Bean Crème Brulee ($14.50).
Whalebone Wharf, Port Macquarie
A lovely dinner that brightened a gloomy night. We will be back on a clear night to sit out with the fairy lights!

Whalebone Wharf
269 Hastings River Drive, Port Macquarie
Ph: 02 6583 2334

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