A Visit to Cabramatta
Monday, 6th September 2010, 22:40

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A weekend road trip down to Sydney for Fathers Day was also a weekend full of food opportunities.
On Saturday I went exploring in Cabramatta with Mum, who was hunting down some fabric. I was hunting down snackfoods and getting myself psyched for my South East Asian holiday in a months time.
First up, a late brunchy snack of pandan and coconut waffle ($1.50) was warm and crisp; the coconut was moist and made the whole thing nice and chewy. Thanks for tempting me Suze!
A Visit to Cabramatta
Stocking up on some basics in the grocery stores, we bought a fancy tin of white lotus and egg moon cakes ($16.80). I have never tried these before, but we will crack them out to celebrate the Moon Festival from afar.
A Visit to Cabramatta
After a simple lunch of crispy skinned chicken with noodles,
A Visit to Cabramatta
beef with broccoli,
A Visit to Cabramatta
and pork with rice noodles,
A Visit to Cabramatta
I bought this beautiful choux pastry swan ($1.50) from one of the French Vietnamese bakeries. You can't see it properly in the photos, but tucked between the wings is a swirl of whipped custard.
A Visit to Cabramatta
Having not yet reached my custard limit (if such an awful thing exists) I bought a box of hot fresh custard puffs ($5 box of 20) and demolished most of them while watching more being made.
A Visit to Cabramatta
A Visit to Cabramatta
Realising I didn't have anything sugar-free to bring home for Waz, I was excited when I saw sweet potato chips ($4 for 100g) in a heated glass cabinet.
A Visit to Cabramatta
They were dripping with what I thought was hot oil, freshly made, but after buying a bag I was (very happily) surprised to find out they were toffee coated! Molten sugar coating crisp sweet potato, so good, it was a shame I had to eat them all.
He had to settle for Broccoli Chips ($1.99) instead.
A Visit to Cabramatta
Ok, these were not so good, while they were crisp and salty, they left a really weird bitter aftertaste.
A Visit to Cabramatta
Finally, just as we were leaving I spotted these soft drinks. I'm a sucker for good packaging (Yummy Tummy Koala anyone??) and the cute labels on the Jones Sugar Cane Soda ($3 a bottle) really appealed.
A Visit to Cabramatta
A Visit to Cabramatta
I am yet to try them and the huge range of other flavours like blue bubblegum, orange cream and vanilla bean that I couldn't carry home. I need to find somewhere nearby that stocks them. In the meantime they remind me a lot of the awesome Saxbys Soft Drinks made in Taree, they make the best cream soda, mandarin and pineapple flavours!
Stay tuned for more Sydney posts...

1How were the broccoli chips Warren?
by Mandy on Sep 16th @ 09:12pm

2Which restaurant served the beef with broccoli?
by Matthew on Dec 5th @ 07:49pm

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