Daring Bakers' Challenge - Raspberry and Browned Butter Bombe Alaska Cupcakes
Friday, 27th August 2010, 18:05

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The August 2010 Daring Bakers' challenge was hosted by Elissa of 17 and Baking. For the first time, The Daring Bakers partnered with Sugar High Fridays for a co-event and Elissa was the gracious hostess of both. Using the theme of beurre noisette, or browned butter, Elissa chose to challenge Daring Bakers to make a pound cake to be used in either a Baked Alaska or in Ice Cream Petit Fours. The sources for Elissa’s challenge were Gourmet magazine and David Lebovitz’s “The Perfect Scoop”.

Yay! This month's challenge was a Bombe Alaska, something I have always wanted to make.
Daring Bakers
For those who don't know what it is, it is a cake base, topped with ice cream and coated in thick fluffy meringue, which is then toasted in the oven or with a blow torch. The concept of oven baking ice cream, and not having it melt, thoroughly fascinates me. It sounds rather impossible and definitely a challenge.
Daring Bakers
Our cake base had to be a browned butter pound cake, something new for most Daring Bakers that we all rapidly fell in love with. Such an amazingly unique flavour, nutty and toasty, adds a whole new element to your batter.
We were given free reign in our choice of ice cream flavour. I chose to make raspberry, and topped with thick marshmallowy meringue it was a lovely combination. The original PDF recipe can be found here. Keep reading for how it worked out for me.

Browned Butter Pound Cake
This is the recipe for the full cake, I chose to halve the recipe and bake it in a cupcake pan.
Daring Bakers
The most important part of this cake batter is browned butter. It is amazingly nutty and toasty in flavour, completely changing the taste of the cake batter.
Place 275g unsalted butter in a pan and place over a medium heat.
Daring Bakers
Patience is required; slowly stir the butter as it melts.
Daring Bakers
The milk solids will separate out, keep stirring until they turn a dark chocolate colour and the liquid is golden.
Daring Bakers
It can easily burn so don't walk away. Pour into a shallow bowl and place in freezer until it just congeals.
Sift together 2 cups of cake flour*, 1 teaspoon baking powder and ½ teaspoon of salt.
Daring Bakers
Beat together the browned butter, ½ cup packed brown sugar, and 1/3 cup castor sugar until light and fluffy.
Daring Bakers
Daring Bakers
Add 4 eggs, one at a time, beating well, then add ½ teaspoon vanilla extract.
Mix in the flour mixture on a low speed until just combined.
Daring Bakers
Scrape the batter into your choice of tin. I chose to make cupcakes, but this will also fit in 23cm square tin or similar round tin.
Daring Bakers
Place in an oven pre-heated to 160°c and cook until golden.
Daring Bakers
Allow to cool on a cake rack.
Daring Bakers
This cake goes a little dry when frozen, so best stored in an air tight container.
*If you don't have cake flour, make your own by measuring 2 tablespoons of cornflour into a cup measure and filling up with plain flour.

Raspberry Ice Cream
I found this recipe on a packet of McCain Season's Choice frozen raspberries.
Daring Bakers
It is a simple no-cook, eggless mix that is made in a blender.
Daring Bakers
Combine 1½ cups raspberries, 1/3 cup condensed milk, ¼ cup thickened cream, 1 tablespoon lemon juice, 1 tablespoon white sugar and 1 teaspoon honey in a blender.
Daring Bakers
Blend until thick and creamy.
Daring Bakers
Daring Bakers
The frozen raspberries were too much for our blender and it died at a critical moment.
RIP :(
Pour into a container and place in freezer.
Daring Bakers
Every hour for four hours, pull it out of the freezer and beat to make the ice cream light and creamy.
Daring Bakers

This makes a lot of meringue, I chose to quarter the recipe and I still had heaps, so it's up to you.
Beat together 8 egg whites, ½ teaspoon cream of tartar, ½ teaspoon of salt on a high speed until soft peaks are formed.
Daring Bakers
Daring Bakers
Slowly add 1 cup of castor sugar, and keep beating until stiff peaks are formed.
Daring Bakers

Assembling Bombe Alaska Cupcakes
You will need to work quickly and have a good amount of freezer space. The concept of baking ice cream only works if the ice cream is super frozen.
I lined my cupcake pan with some clingwrap and scooped in the ice cream, pressing it in so I could get a shape that matched the cake, then froze until hard.
Daring Bakers
Slice the top off each cupcake. Pop out the ice cream molds and press upside down onto each of the cupcakes.
Daring Bakers
Once again freeze until hard. At this stage, they can stay there until close to the time you need them, however the browned butter cake will dry out, so don't leave for more than a day or two.
An hour before required, pull out of the oven and either gently pipe or delicately shape the meringue over your cupcake stack.
Daring Bakers
The more spiky or sticky out bits you have, the better it will brown.
Daring Bakers
Place back in the freezer until just before serving.
Pre-heat your oven to 260°c. Gently place the Bombe Alaska into the oven. Watch closely as it gently browns each tip and pull it out when it is nice and even. We sat glued to the oven to judge the exact moment.
Daring Bakers
If you have a mini blow torch, you can go straight from piping the meringue to torching, it is quicker and more fun, but more likely to burn.
Serve this spectacular creation immediately.
Daring Bakers
Perfectly sweet, with pillowy marshmallow and nutty cake. Seriously tasty.
Daring Bakers
I challenge you to attempt this; any combination of flavours can be used, check out the Daring Bakers website for inspiration.

1Such a great idea to bake the pound cake as cupcakes, and the ice cream has such a gorgeously rich color. Thank you so much for participating in this month's challenge!
by Elissa on Aug 28th @ 05:09am

2@ Elissa - Thankyou! Browned Butter is my new cooking friend, simply amazing.
by fivesquaremeals on Aug 28th @ 09:54am

3Next time I'm going to use your idea of the muffin pan. I made a mess cutting the cake. Delicious flavor ice cream!
by Renata on Aug 28th @ 07:04pm

4I do agree this idea of baking the brown pound cake as a cupcake was great. Very clever indeed.

Your Alaskas look beautiful and yummi.

by Maria Beatrix on Aug 29th @ 12:19pm

5I love how pink the raspberry ice cream is. It looks so pretty against the brown of the cake and white of the meringue. Beautiful!
by Christina on Aug 31st @ 01:51am

6This is awesome! It's so cool that you made everything from scratch and I love the individual servings.
by Yas (aboutthefood) on Aug 31st @ 06:41am

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