Other Bands/Projects

This page will list any/all projects through which members of Regurgitator have been involved.
At this point, I will mainly aim to follow Quan and Ben's careers.
I will also try to include anything that Martin (as a founding member) has been part of.
If and When I get time, I may attempt to include additional projects for Shane, Peter and Seja, but at this point do not intend to do so (and I mean no offence to these talented musicians by this).
You can easily find more information on the others via Google, a lot of which I would need to do myself (as I have very few Front End Loader or Sekiden releases, for example).

Band / Artist Regurgitator
Member(s) Involved
Ben Ely's Radio 5 Ben
Blox Quan
The Boat Show Martin
Brokenhead Ben
Decoder Ring Ben
Happyland Quan
Jump 2 Light Speed Ben
Lah-Lah Ben, Anouk
Pangaea Ben
Quan (Solo) Quan
The Stalkers Ben, Pete

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