Ben Ely's Radio 5 - Transcending Reality Regurgitator Discography: Ben Ely's Radio 5 - Transcending Reality Band:
      Ben Ely's Radio 5
      Transcending Reality
Catalogue #:
      (AUS) Valve Records V105 (CD)
Release Date:
      September 2008
1.I'm Psyched[Ely](3:21)
2.Get On The Mic And Ride It Like A Bike[Ely](2:47)
3.Slam Dance[Ely](2:33)
4.Transcending Reality[Ely](3:32)
5.The Wizard Is Down By The River[Ely](2:43)
6.Nightmare Kid[Ely](2:08)
7.Eaglehawk Stallionfeet[Ely](2:17)
8.Whole Wide World[Ely](2:33)
9.You're Hot[Ely](1:51)
10.Do It![Ely](2:12)
11.Big Love[Ely](2:36)
12.I Feel Weird[Ely](1:31)
13.Radio Show[Ely](4:39)
14.The Radars Are Alive With Aliens[Ely](2:38)

Liner Notes:
Ben Ely's Radio 5 are --
Ben Ely - Vocals, Drums, SH101, Korg Rhythm SS
Steve Bourke - Vocals, Guitar
Marihuzka Larenas-Esquivel - Vocals, Guitar

Tracked at -- Ginsberg Studios by Damien Press
Mixed by Jon Boy Rock at Studio Wow!
Mastered by Syeve Wilson at Reactor Studios
Management by Paul Curtis at Consume
Artwork by --
Ben Ely and David Bourke at Basko Sao Designs
Produced by Ben Ely

Thanks to --
Yumi, Anouk, Dee Dee, Isabelle, Dexter, Paul Curtis, Sebastion and all at MGM, Bo and Camella, Susanna Patten, Chris Ross, Lisa, David B, Emma, Julie Bennett, Dot, Tim B, Stella, Seja, Quan, Spod, Pete Kostic, Pete Kelly, Rob G, Ana, The Alibi Room, Dave Batty, Rics Bar, I Heart Hiroshima, The Hard Ons, Vintage Sounds, Lions At Your Door, Sekiden, The Shake Up, Yae!Tiger, Cameras, Tim at Allstar Tattoo, Rachel, The Punishers.

Transcending Reality out on Valve Records/MGM

Valve Records/Ben Ely 2008. V105
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