The Stalkers - Rock N' Roll EP Regurgitator Discography: The Stalkers - Rock N' Roll EP Band:
      The Stalkers
      Rock N' Roll EP
Catalogue #:
      (AUS) Valve Records V39 (CD)
Release Date:
      October 2002
1.All I Wanna Do Is Rock N' Roll[Ely / Ahn / Lalotoa / Kostic](2:29)
2.Godzilla Attacks[Ely / Ahn / Lalotoa / Kostic](2:45)
3.1 2 3 4 5[Ely / Ahn / Lalotoa / Kostic](2:17)
4.Heartbreaker[Ely / Ahn / Lalotoa / Kostic](1:32)
5.Jenny[Ely / Ahn / Lalotoa / Kostic](3:04)
6.Saturday Night[Ely / Ahn / Lalotoa / Kostic](2:41)
7.Rock N' Roll Til I Die[Ely / Ahn / Lalotoa / Kostic](1:45)

Liner Notes:
All Songs by The Stalkers © 2002.

Produced & Engineered by John Gardener
Assistant Engineer Ian Pritchett
Recorded at Noisegate Studios, August 5-8 2002
Mastered at 301 Studios by Steve Smart
Designed by FKU
Images & Illustrations by The Stalkers
Management: Paul Curtis @ Consume
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© 2002 The Stalkers/Valve V39

Ben Ely: Guitar, Vocals
Raymond Lalotoa: Vocals
Ray Ahn: Bass
Pete KOstic: Drums

"Shout Outs"
- The Stalkers Helpline -
"Paul Curtis", John Gardener, Ian Pritchett, Hughie (F.O.H), Billy Hydes-Sydney, Troy Horse Rehearsal Studios, CH V, Noisegate Recording Studio, Guitar Crazy-Coogee, Coffee, Tea, Buns, Pork Rolls, Sammy Spider & Stewie The Frog.
- The Stalkers Bands -
Regurgitator, Pangaea, Brokenhead, Hard Ons, Nun Chukka Superfly, Testicle Candy, Front End Loader, Jim Cobain, Nazxul, Kriptonics, Vicious Hairy Mary, Lalotoa, The Morning.
- The Musical Stalkers -
Guitar Wolf, The D4, Magic Dirt, Further, ...Trail Of Dead, Gerling, Warped, Sun Ra, Radio Birdman, Ramones, Joey Barone, The New Christs, Diamanda Galas, The Bondi Massive, Noisegate Crew.
- The Stalkers Family & Friends -
Yumi, Anouk & Zac, Naomi, Joanna K, Sonia, Elizabeth & Hallen, Kelly & Aaron, Berty, Mike F, Ken C, Davor & Pete, The Brady (Kiwis In Oz) Bunch, Dan S, Tony F, Rob P & Jabba.
- The Stalkers Heroes -
Godzilla, Spiderman, Hulk, Superman, Storm Troopers, Homer, Wonder Woman, Kenny, Bert & Ernie, Kiss, Guitar Wolf, Jay Katz & Miss Death, Basquiat, Noam Chomsky, Edgar Allen Poe, Little Richard, James Brown.

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