Mish Mash! Regurgitator Discography: Mish Mash! Title:
      Mish Mash!
Catalogue #:
      (AUS) Valve Records V63 (CD)
Release Date:
      15th November 2004
1.The Drop[Yeomans](3:06)
2.My Friend Robot[Ely](2:58)
3.I, Zombie[Yeomans](3:16)
4.Shopping Mall Soul[Ely](2:48)
5.The Game[Yeomans](4:16)
6.My Computer Crashed[Ely](2:23)
7.Metal Is Big In The Baltic States[Ely](2:13)
8.Sonnet Of A Media Mogul[Yeomans](4:06)
9.My Ego[Yeomans](3:21)
10.Don't Go 2 Sleep[Ely](2:13)
8½.Mish Mash![Lancaster / Mathieson](1:07)
11.I'm Sensible[Ely](2:38)
12.If This Is The Blues, Why Do I Feel So Green?[Yeomans](3:43)
13.I Was Sent By God To Get You Off[Yeomans](12:32)
Note: Tracks after Track 10 are labelled with these numbers on the Mish Mash! Cover. They are in this order & are obviously 11-14.

Liner Notes:
Please Note: The liner notes of this album are deliberately 'Mish Mashed' together, and are not the easiest to make sense of.

Kiley Gaffney, Jake & Zelig. Spod Vocals on The Battle.
Produced by Magoo & the Band.
Recorded by Magoo & Hugh Webb in the Bubble
Additional Musicians:
Hugh Webb Outro Guitar on Sent By God
Adalita on "Pretty Girls Swear"
Ross on Trumpet on "The Drop" & "The Game".
The Spazzys on P. Girls Swear
Victor Lancaster Drums & James Mathieson Vox on Mish Mash!
Wiley J. on It
Sam Haycroft on the hang on I Was Sent By God.
Gnarnayarrahe Wairaipie Didgeridoo on Segway
Sonic Manipulator on My Friend Robot
Luke Farrugia Tuba on My Ego
Jabba Backing Vocals
Geoff Viking Lierse French Horn on My Ego and The Game
Eskimo Joe B. Vox on Sensible
Daniel Smith, James George, Dan Da Maximum, Kim Terror Guitar Solo on Shopping Mall Soul
Thanks 2 Victor Collett 4 Dancing
Steph Byrne, Alexandra Bingham, Elizabeth Franklyn, Kelly Brennan Screams on Pritty Girls Swear.
Equipment Thankx:
Roland (Brendan Callinan), Fender (Adam Taylor), Orange (Daniel Hesketh), Rode (Martin Sharp), Musiclink (Roy Adams & Tom Kopecek), AMP:G, KRK, Abelton, Propellerheads, Pearl, Zildjian, Advanced, Vicfirth, Musiclab (Rusell & Digidesign), Fonic (Andrew Steele), Koenig & Meyer (Tony Hoskings), Technics (Evan Manolis), JLM, Joe Malone, Paul Crowther (Hotcake).
Mixed by Magoo at 301
Mastered by Steve Smart at 301
Crew Thanks:
John Gardner, Hugh Webb, Andy Robinson, Jeff Lovejoy & Black Box
Matt Maddock, Tylea Gould, Dave Batty, Matt Rogers, Dave Granato, Craig Scorpion, Himal & Davena in Hong Kong, Squasha, Ken West at BDO, Gavan Purdy, Koya Yasui @ Smash!, Paul Boswell & James at Free Trade,
Sebastian Chase, Mark Bolton, Luke OOm, Shae & All @ MGM, Lien Yeomans, Yoshiko, Steve Alexander & Rinzen, Patrick Tarrant, Brett Oaten & Andy Edwards, Mark Pope, Russell Thomas, Mirandoi Brown, Simone Micarone, Michael Long, Greg Segal, Kate Webb, Sam Temme, Tony Quinn, Liam Short.
Bubble Thanks:
Channel [v] (Jabba, Yumi, Andrew, James, Jacqui Riddell, Rob Logan, Bruce Mann, Emma McDonald, Rohini & Carrie, Ben Richardson, Jen Elias, Jane Weston, Clare Smith, Andrew Valder, Viv Fantin, Julie Glen, Siobhan Berry, Mary Datoc, Phillipe, Nick, David, Jet), Xbox (Richard & Joanne), Optus (Cassie & Rebekah), Foxtel, Nudie, Frucor, Ikea (Sofie Edstrom), LG (Aaron Berthelot), Lifelounge (Dion & Dan), Fly Clothing, Fittest Gym (David Gelbart), ESS (Iain Barclay, Kate McColl, Shane Runge, Kym Lowe, Matt Reedy, Scott Woolley, Greg Walker), Federation Square (Stan Liacos, Andrew McKinnon), Medina, Flinder St (Andrew Macauley, Hayley Borissow, Claire Davidson, Lisa Kann, Nick Guthrie, Kris Chintoju), The Bass Player Annandale.
Production crew including Elizabeth Breides, Nimrod Sztern-Adlide, Julie Bennett, Favel Parrett, Scott McIntosh, Gilbert Oberhofer, Warren Teigan, Peter Miller, Dave Hannan, Ray Stepp, Dan Parsons, Rick Evans, Kris Rachmanczuk, Alex Wegman, Tony Marinceski, Peter Marino, Ben Alcott, Gavin, Shane, Shane
Front End Loader, Elea, Anouk & Deedee
New Breed Security (Damien, Lisa, David, Richard & Julian), Time Out Cafe (Maslyn Salt, Luke Harvey, Darren Eaton, David Bresaz, Danae Bradford), Miranda X

Massiv Hugs n' Thank Yous 2 All our Fanz, Families, Friends and Anyone Else We Missed!!!
Thanks 4 the Artwork, Laughs and Chats :)

Management - Consume -

V63 - All Recordings ℗ 2004 Regurgitator / Valve Records. All Compositions © 2004 EMI Publishing Pty Ltd.
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Alternate Versions:
Mish Mash! was later released in Japan, where it featured a bonus track 'Pretty Girls Don't Swear' (mentioned in the liner notes of this album as 'Pretty Girls Swear', and later released in Australia as such on the #*?! EP).

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