Love And Paranoia Regurgitator Discography: Love And Paranoia Title:
      Love And Paranoia
Catalogue #:
      (AUS) Valve Records V92 (CD)
Release Date:
      15th September 2007
1.Blood And Spunk[Yeomans](3:01)
2.Drinking Beer Is Awesome![Ely / Bourke](2:10)
3.Romance Of The Damned[Vogel / Yeomans](3:20)
4.Love And Paranoia[Yeomans](3:51)
6.Destroy This Town[Yeomans](3:19)
7.Psychic Dirt[Ely](3:05)
8.Sun Comes Thru My Window[Ely](0:42)
9.(ad spot)[Yeomans](0:36)
12.Armageddon Premonition[Ely](4:03)

Liner Notes:
Produced by Regurgitator.
Recorded by Didie Cunha at Estudio Soma, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Assistant Engineers: Guilherme Vaz, Ale de Morais, Bruno Valansi, and Felipe Rodarte.
Studio Assistants: Augusto Vudu Cesar and Paulo Aiello.
Mixed at Velvet Sounds, Sydney by Magoo (1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7) and Anthony The (5, 10, 11 & 12) except Track 9 Quan & Guilherme Vaz (+ vocals) in Brazil, and Track 8 by Ben at Home.
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Mastering, New York.
All songs copyright control. Art by Quan. Original front cover photo by Paul.
Quan Yeomans = guitar/vocals, Ben Ely = bass/vocals, Peter Kostic = drums, Seja Vogel = keyboards/vocals.
Obrigado... Didie, Guilherme, Ale, Felipe, Bruno, Augusto, Paulo, Magoo, Anthony, Alan, Sebastian, Mark + MGM, Michelle, Lien Yeomans, Yumi, Anouk, Dee Dee, Janice Ely, Yoshiko Stynes, Steve Bourke, Simon, Mirko, Shireen, Adam + Fender Australia, Dave + Vintage Sounds, Carl + The Bass Player, Brendan + Roland, Mit + All Star Tattoo, Dave Batty, Nik & Brian + Chatterbox, Adrian, Encore Travel, Pearl, Zildjian, Vic Firth, Billy Hydes Drumcraft, Jonboyrock, Hugh Webbman, Handy Andy Robinson ...and to all of you out there in the world - Amor e paranoia!
Management and label stuff c/- Paul Curtis: or 617 3844 8477

2007 Valve Records / Regurgitator V92
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