I Wanna Be A Nudist (Single) Regurgitator Discography: I Wanna Be A Nudist (Single) Title:
      I Wanna Be A Nudist (Single)
Catalogue #:
      (AUS) Warner EastWest 8573800672 (CD)
Release Date:
      October 1999
1.I Wanna Be A Nudist[Ely](2:01)
2.Kill Your TV[Ely](2:15)
3.Big Monster, Little Monster[Ely / Yeomans](0:38)
4.The Shark[Regurgitator](2:01)
5.This Is God Talking To You From Outer Space[Ely](1:55)

Liner Notes:
Recording: Watego's Beach / Dirty Room
Production: Magoo & B. Ely
Mixing: Sing Sing; Magoo
Mastering: Steve Smart at Studios 301, Sydney
Publishing: EMI Publishing
Cover Art: Ben Ely / Paul Curtis
Management: Paul Curtis at Consume, PO Box 12700 Elizabeth Street, Brisbane, QLD 4001. ph: (61-7) 3844-8477 fax: (61-7) 3844-8490

℗ & © 1999 Warner Music Australia.
Manufactured and Distributed by Warner Music Australia. A Warner Music Group Company.
Other Images:
Alternate Versions:
For some reason, this single saw two distinct releases, both with the same catalogue number. There is this 'correct' 5 track version, and a shorter 3 track version (missing Big Monster, Little Monster and This Is God Talking To You From Outer Space).
The 3 track version is in every way identical to this release, except that it is missing the two tracks (they are even listed in the artwork/liner notes).

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