Quan - The Amateur Regurgitator Discography: Quan - The Amateur Band:
      The Amateur
Catalogue #:
      (AUS) Valve Records V103 (CD)
Release Date:
      October 2008
2.Gimme Gimme (feat. Michelle + Spod)[Yeomans](3:29)
3.Mouthin Off For No Good Reason[Yeomans](3:38)
4.Year Of The Jerk[Yeomans](5:07)
5.But Then Jesus Told Me.. (feat. Seja)[Yeomans](0:27)
6.And This Is What She Said...[Yeomans](3:33)
7.The One[Yeomans](4:36)
8.Reading The Script[Yeomans](4:54)
10.Just Like That[Yeomans](3:47)
11.Another Day[Yeomans](3:31)
12.A Tale Of Two MCs[Yeomans](5:30)

Liner Notes:
All Recorded, Mixed and Padoozed by Quan
Except Track 4 and 11 Mixed by Dan F.
Vocals on Track 2 - Michelle Lau + Spod
Vocals on Track 5 + 3 - Seja Vogel
Sh 101 Beat Programming on Track 11 - Spod
Mastering by Alan Douche at Westside, NYC

Thanks to - Dan, Pat, Brent, Seja, Michelle, Pae, Jon, Cameron, Steve, Mel, Isabell, Sean, Vinnie, Justin, Matt, Lisa, Tuesday, Polly, Liz, Paul + Alice

Photography by Jon Martin and the Red Dog Studio Team
Manhandled by Paul Curtis -
Quan Yeomans / Valve Records 2008 - V103
Computer Recording
© 2008
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