Decoder Ring - Somersault (Soundtrack) Regurgitator Discography: Decoder Ring - Somersault (Soundtrack) Band:
      Decoder Ring
      Somersault (Soundtrack)
Catalogue #:
      (AUS) Red Carpet Productions 20021 (CD)
Release Date:
      23rd August 2004
1.Heidi's Theme[Schutzinger/Kelly/Fitzgerald/Davis Jnr/Ely](2:38)
2.Somersault[Schutzinger/Kelly/Fitzgerald/Davis Jnr/Ely/Kripac](2:38)
3.Snowflake[Schutzinger/Kelly/Fitzgerald/Davis Jnr/Ely](3:30)
4.Rough Sex[Schutzinger/Kelly/Fitzgerald/Davis Jnr/Ely](2:59)
5.Carillion[Schutzinger/Kelly/Fitzgerald/Davis Jnr/Ely](1:57)
6.Music Box[Schutzinger/Kelly/Fitzgerald/Davis Jnr/Ely/Kripac](3:31)
7.More Than Scarlet[Schutzinger/Kelly/Fitzgerald/Davis Jnr/Ely](2:50)
8.The Siesta Inn[Schutzinger/Kelly/Fitzgerald/Davis Jnr/Ely](1:28)
9.You're Hot[Schutzinger/Kelly/Fitzgerald/Davis Jnr/Ely](0:56)
10.Higher Higher[Schutzinger/Kelly/Fitzgerald/Davis Jnr/Ely](2:59)
11.Alpine Way[Schutzinger/Kelly/Fitzgerald/Davis Jnr/Ely](2:26)
12.Naked Snow[Schutzinger/Kelly/Fitzgerald/Davis Jnr/Ely](0:45)
13.Electrocution (Hydro Mix)[Schutzinger/Kelly/Fitzgerald/Davis Jnr/Ely](4:18)
14.Heidi's Theme (Reprise)[Schutzinger/Kelly/Fitzgerald/Davis Jnr/Ely](2:01)
15.Somersault (Score)[Schutzinger/Kelly/Fitzgerald/Davis Jnr/Ely/Kripac](3:49)

Liner Notes:
Tom Schutzinger
Pete Kelly
Matt Fitzgerald
Kenny Davis Jnr
Ben Ely

Vocals on Music Box & Somersault by Lenka
Vibes on Heidi's Theme by Kim Moyes
Cello on Heidi's Theme by Sophie Glasson
Additional Sound Design by Sam Petty
Music Supervision by Norman Parkhill
All Songs Decoder Ring (Copyright Control)
Except Music Box & Somersault Decoder Ring/Lenka (Copyright Control)
All Songs Recorded by Decoder Ring
Additional Recording and Editing at Bigjesusburger Studios
Engineered by Magoo
Tracking and Mixing at Mangrove Studios
Engineered by Blair Simmons
Mastered by Oscar Gaona at 301 Studios

Produced by Tom Schutzinger, Matt Fitzgerald & Pete Kelly

Sleeve by Simon Killalea
Photography by Elise Lockwood & Matt Nettheim
Decoder Ring Management
℗ & © Red Carpet Productions Pty Ltd
Manufactured and distributed exclusively in Australia by Inertia Distribution Pty Ltd
manasoundtracks 20021
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