Polyester Girl (Single) Regurgitator Discography: Polyester Girl (Single) Title:
      Polyester Girl (Single)
Catalogue #:
      (UK) Coalition Recordings 3984 25818 2 - COLA 066CD (CD)
Release Date:
      September 1998
1.Polyester Girl[Yeomans](3:32)
2.Polyester Girl (Rayon Blend)[Yeomans](3:10)
3.Asiatic Fever[Godiego](4:18)

Liner Notes:
Produced by Regurgitator & Magoo
Tracks 1 & 2 Written by Quan Yeomans.
Published by EMI Music Publishing
Engineered and Mixed by Magoo
Track 2:
Rebooted by Quando Yeomondo.
Recorded at The Dirty Room In The Valley, Brisbane
Track 3:
Written By Yukihide Gakekawa/Yoko Narahashi.
Published by Jenika Music/MCA Music.
Engineered by Magoo. Assisted by Argonaut.
Recorded by Magoo at The Dirty Room Full Of Boxes With Lights.

All Art: George Pinn and Jeremy Hynes. (Taken From The Polyester Girl Video).
Sleeve: M4 Design.

Management: Paul Curtis - Consume, PO Box 12700 Elizabeth Street, Brisbane, QLD 4001, Australia.

1998 Warner Music Australia.
© 1998 Coalition Recordings International. Distributed by Warner Music (U.K.) Ltd.
Unauthorised copying, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting of this recording prohibited. Made in U.K.
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Alternate Versions:
This Single was preceded by a Promo release, and was also released on 7" Vinyl.
A Polyester Girl (Single) was also released in Australia.

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