Brokenhead - Locarno Regurgitator Discography: Brokenhead - Locarno Band:
Catalogue #:
      (AUS) Warner EastWest 8573852412 / Valve Records V17 (2xCD)
Release Date:
      September 2000
Disc 1:
2.Up In Everyone[Webster](3:28)
3.Meality Headcase[Ely](4:03)
5.Above The Suppressor Dub[Ely](4:22)
6.Spaceport Brawl[Scritch](3:40)
7.MISO[Ely / Webster / Scritch](3:23)
8.Lady Of Babylon[Webster](3:03)
9.Grace Of Bass[Ely / Webster / Scritch](2:47)
10.ZOO ARMY[Webster](5:04)
11.Hawaiian Dub[Ely](4:24)
12.Josephine & The Amazing Flying Machine[Ely](4:16)
Disc 2:
1.Remember To Breathe[Ely / Webster/Scritch](42:26)

Liner Notes:
Thanx To
Paul Curtis, Dan Henassey, Mark Pope, and all at Warner's Australia, Joe Malone, Jeff Lovejoy, Ben Godnose, Joc, CC Rider, Tylea & Alexie, Laurence English, Steph, Leanne, Josie, Col, Gillies Drum Warehouse, Maton Guitars, Warwick Basses, Mr & Mrs Needham for the luffly studio, Martine, Paulie B. Koa, Jed, The Zoo, The Nickleby Family, The Websters, The Whitfield's, Gota Cola, The Guitar Shop, Michael at Headspace, Southbank Guitar Centre, Mutant Media, All The Kids at Wytaliba who are luscious, all of our family & friends and everyone that's helped us along the way. Publishing copyright control.
Additional Members: Ben Godnose - Truumpet, Joc, CC Rider, Tylea & Alex - Backing Vocals on ZOO ArMY
Recorded at "Locarno" (House by the Sea).
Engineered by Magoo & Produced by Magoo / Ely / Webster / Scritch
Mixed by same as above at Red Zed's Studios, Albion.
Mastered by Steve Smart - 301 Studios, Sydney.
Album Design and Image Manipulation -
Cover Photos - Benjamin
CD Photos - Richard Price
For additional lyrics contact

Publishing Copyright Control.
Valve PO Box 12700 Elizabeth St Bris 4001

℗ & © 2000 Warner Music Australia.
Valve - V17
Manufactured and distributed by Warner Music Australia.
A Warner Music Group Company.
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Alternate Versions:
I'm not sure whether a Single CD version of this album exists. Most sites refer to CD2 as Limited Edition, but I have been unable to source a version without CD2.
It is also strange that this album bears both Warner and Valve catalogue numbers, but I do not know if there was a different release. I purchased mine through Valve and it contained both companies' information.

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