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Series #1 - Green Folder
        Additional Tazo-Related Items

Whilst some of the items on this page are specific inserts for the Green Folder, most of them are just Tazo-Related items that were released during the time of the Green Folder Tazos, and have been added to this page for convenience.

Item Images

Green Tazo Folder
(Includes Pockets & Backing Sheets For Tazos 1-100)


Extra Page Packs

Pages 101-200

Pages 201-220

Tazo Slammers

Purple/Blue Mint In Packet

Green/Orange Mint In Packet

Purple/Green Mint In Packet

Orange/Blue Mint In Packet

Green/Blue Mint In Packet

Orange/Purple Mint In Packet





Tournament Tubes

Light Purple

Dark Purple




Board Game

Tazo On!

Mail Out Pack

Mail Out Promotion (At Start Of Tazos Promotion)

Fan Club & Swap Shop Items

Welcome Letter

Membership Card Front

Membership Card Back

Members Only Slammer

Fan Club Members Pen

Fan Club Membership Form

Fan Club Membership Form

Order Form #1 (Front)

Order Form #1 (Back)

Order Form #2 (Front)

Order Form #2 (Back)

Order Form #3 (Front)

Order Form #4 (Front)

Membership Form Print Template
(Staff Copy) (Front)

Membership Form Print Template
(Staff Copy) (Back)


Collectors Poster
(Tazos 141-220)

In Store Poster
(Tazos 141-180)


Size 2-8

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