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How old are you, really? Measured in years, every four years you get an extra day tucked in, without it being counted. Sure, it makes up for the 1/4 day you miss every other year, but what if you die, or are born in between? How does that work? And what if you are born on the 29th of February, does your age only increase every four years?
Years can be very tricky things, and hey, it's rare that someone lives to see a hundred of them, which is a massive milestone, and something to be celebrated. Unfortunately though, not all of us are up for partying at that age.
So why not celebrate your birthday for what it is, the first DAY in a long line of days. If one hundred years is something to celebrate, the surely so is 10,000 days, or 20,000, or 30,000 (which is about 82 years - the world average is 67, but countries such as Japan and Australia have averages around 82 - so this is actually more achievable than the 100 year target - You can still aim for 40,000, or 109 years, too!).

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