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Top 10 Beers

For now, the Top 10 Beers is simply the 10 beers with the highest rating. Once we have a few more users registered and voting, I will adjust it so that a beer is required to have at least 20(? this figure will be adjusted as neccesary) votes before it can be counted here. This will stop beers with single votes of '10' being the top beers.
Rank Beer Brewery Country Rating
1 Speight's Distinction Ale Speight's Brewery New Zealand 10/10
2 Boag's Classic Bitter Boag's Brewery Australia 10/10
3   Bluetongue Vintage Ale 2005 Bluetongue Brewery Pty Ltd Australia /10
4 Redoak Honey Ale Redoak Boutique Beer Cafe Australia /10
5 Redoak Christmas Cheer Redoak Boutique Beer Cafe Australia /10
6 Redoak Belgian Chocolate Stout Redoak Boutique Beer Cafe Australia /10
7 Barons Black Wattle Superior Barons Brewery Pty Ltd Australia /10
8   Chalky's Bite Sharp's Brewery England /10
9   DAB Original Dortmunder Actien-Brauerei Germany /10
10 Erdinger Weißbier (Mit Feiner Hefe) Erdinger Weißbräu Germany /10

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