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Retailers... Introducing the International Beer Guide, a potential gold mine for sales.
For a low introductory rate of A$55 (inc. GST) for 1 year, we are offering you the opportunity to gain further visitors to your website or premises.

Your purchase entitles you to:
- Access the Retailer Database,
- List an unlimited number of beers that you sell,
- Change your list and modify pricing an unlimited number of times,
- Get your company listed on our Retailer page for any beers that you carry, and
- Get prime positioning on a specific beer's detail page IF you sell a beer for the best price.

All we ask from you in return (besides your membership) is that you offer competitive pricing and delivery options to as many areas as you can. Obviously delivery can be expensive, but if a buyer is willing to pay for it, then you should be willing to offer it.

Interested? We hoped you would be... Simply Click Here to Register, or feel free to contact us for further information if required.

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