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Info For Breweries:

The purpose of this site is for the General Public to gain greater information about what Beers exist, and the companies that make them. We are growing larger everyday, and, with so many beers and brewers listed in our Database, we're likely to grow further.

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With so much data, it becomes increasingly hard for us to keep everything up to date, and as such, we rely on our users to submit a lot of information about new beers and brewers. We would like to develop a relationship with as many breweries as possible, and give you more opportunity to keep us up to date with what products you offer, and to make sure that your contact information is correct. Please contact us if you are, or work for, a brewery, and let us know what's happening!

You're welcome to make suggestions about features, or let us know if certain information is incorrect, and we'll gladly see what we can do to implement them, or correct information where required, but we will not remove information or ask users to change their reviews based on our relationship with a brewer. If someone doesn't like your product, that's their choice, and there's nothing we can do about it. Obviously, your customers are likely to be those that give you better ratings or reviews, and we are more than happy for you to encourage them to come to this site and join the fun. Staff and Brewers themselves are also welcome to join the site - we would prefer that you keep your opinions unbiased, as we allow for an 'Official Description' on Beer pages, and so, would rather you keep us up to date with that, then give a spiel about your beer in a review.

Occasionally we will hold 'Official Tasting Parties', and whilst these will be small and invitation only, we gladly encourage you to offer samples to our tasting panel of respected reviewers. This will encourage users to not only taste, but rate and review your beers as well.

All samples and/or promotional products and information (coasters, tasting notes, advertisements, etc) can be posted to us here:
PO Box 364
Seven Hills NSW 1730

Or contact us to get an address to which parcels can be couriered, if necessary.

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