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Nelson Bays Brewery Limited

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89 Pascoe St
New Zealand

Phone: (+64) 3 547 8097
Fax: (+64) 3 547 8095


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Nelson Bays Brewery has been in operation since December 1993. The company is known as Bays Brewery, and everyone refers to our beers as Bays. Over the last 10 years we have seen our popularity grow. Many establishments throughout the Nelson district now have Bays Beers available either on tap or in bottles, and the number of people trying and converting to our brew is constantly growing.
We have grown large enough to become a significant part of the local beer market.
Bays Brewery was purpose built, with new equipment, and started from day one with a qualified experienced brewer. Right from the start we made it our mission to ensure the quality of our products would reinforce the positive image that Nelson already has and to this day we remain true to that philosophy.
This is comfirmed when you try one of our 4 beers, our alcoholic lemonade or a drink of our refreshingly dry cider.
We are the largest locally owned and operated brewery in the region. Though we concentrate on the greater Nelson area we also sell our products in Wellington, Marlborough and the West Coast.

Beers by this Brewery:

Beer NameAlcoholRating
Amadeus Pilsner 5.0% 0/10
Bays Dark Ale 4.0% 0/10
Bays Draught Ale 0.0% 0/10
Bays Gold Lager 0.0% 0/10
Bengal Bitter Indian Pale Ale 5.2% 0/10
Exclamator Doppelbock 7.3% 0/10
Harley's Premium Ale 4.0% 0/10
Homestead Cider 8.4% 0/10
Thirst-Ade Alcoholic Lemonade 0.0% 0/10

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