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Wanaka Beerworks

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State Highway 6
Wanaka Otago
New Zealand

Phone: (+64) 3 443 1865
Fax: (+64) 3 443 1862


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Wanaka Beerworks is very young for a Brewery. The company was started in 1998, by the current owner/brewer Dave Gillies. The brewhouse that was installed then is still in use, purchased from DME in Canada. The DME System was the only one of it's kind in the Pacific at that time. The bottling machine, we're using now is not the original one we started with. Up-grading was necessary to keep up with demand. The bottling system that is being used now is called a Meheen. It can fill 2000 bottles/hour. We have increased our initial cold storage space to more than double to keep up with the growth of the company. The labeller is the same piece of equipment we set out with. It is from Italy with all it's knobs, buttons and instructions in Italian. A recent addition is the re-cycling machine used to recycle 1/2 of our bottles. It's a huge piece of equipment, worth it's bulk in advantages. Recycling to us is economically viable and environmentally friendly.

Beers by this Brewery:

Beer NameAlcoholRating
Brewski 4.8% 0/10
Cardrona Gold 0.0% 0/10
Hefeweizen 0.0% 0/10
Spitfire Pale Ale 0.0% 0/10
Tall Black 4.8% 0/10
Vienna 0.0% 0/10

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