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Speight's Pilsener


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Brewery: Speight's Brewery
Country: New Zealand

Alcohol Content: 5.0%
Brewed Since: 2002

Official Description:
Speight's Pilsener originated from recipies of a bydone era in a quest to recreate flavours as true as possible to the original style. Speight's Pilsener (and the Speight's Pale Ale and Speight's Porter Craft beers) are fermented in kauri gyles - open topped wooden fermentation vats which are lined with beeswax. Small volume and labour intensive, these open shallow vessels help to bring out the seamless character and full aromas of the brew. Only one other brewery in the world is still known to use kauri gyles.
With such a classic Czech lager style, the challenge is to achieve flavour balance between characterful malts and the strong hop content. Nelson Sauvin and New Zealand hops are added at boilís end for a fresher fruitier aroma. The biscuity residual sweetness of Munich Malt provides the balance, leaving a clean finish.

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