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Baroona Full Malty


Brewery: Waiheke Island Brewery
Country: New Zealand

Alcohol Content: 7.5%
Brewed Since:

Official Description:
Baroona Full Malty is a voluptuous deep amber, trappist style beer. The nose has hints of spiciness, complementing the subtle aroma of Hallertau Hops and chocolate malt.
The palate is dominated by a rich malty smoothness, crafted from 7 premium malt's, balanced by an underlying bitterness. A generous finish accentuated by this beer's strength will leave you hooked.
This is a robust beer for sipping on cold winter evenings, we suggest matching with casseroles and game. To enjoy this beer to the full, leave out of the fridge 20 minutes before drinking.

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Current Rating: 0/10 (based on 0 votes)

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