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Bennetts Ardenne Style Strong Beer


Brewery: Island Bay Brewing
Country: New Zealand

Alcohol Content: 6.5%
Brewed Since:

Official Description:
This beer is brewed by the talented and award winning brewer Karl Vasta, at his brewery set in the hills of Northern Wellington. What drew Karl to the site was, the pure clear water of the area "for you can not make good beer, without good water”.
Bennetts Original is slightly sweet to the taste in the style of Belgium beers. This beer is not overly sweet as extra hops have been added, plus there is balance of taste given by the higher alcohol content. At 6.5% the alcohol has enough bite to off set the sweetness, creating a well balanced beer.
Belgium beers are renown for their cloudy nature, due to the yeasts used in their brewing. However to the average New Zealand drinker a cloudy beer has a strong association with home brew. With this in mind, I have had the beer double filtered to give it a clear warm color. This is why I have named the beer an Ardenne style, for it is no longer a clone of a Belgium beer but a true interval beer in it’s own right. This is not a beer that you should sit down for, if you are intending to have a session, for you will soon feel the effects of the alcohol content, as many have!
It is more a beer that you end a day with, after you have washed down a few lower proof lagers.
Or when you have a few friends over an the topic of conversation is the merit of one beer over another.

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