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Croucher HEF


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Brewery: Croucher Brewing Company
Country: New Zealand

Alcohol Content: 5.0%
Brewed Since:

Official Description:
The HEF is a German-styled cloudy wheatbeer.
Tasting Notes:
Appearance - a deep golden cloudy beer, with a generous head that laces the glass as it reclines.
Aroma - Weihenstephan Weizen yeast delivers the aroma and flavour of this very special beer. Banana and clove leaps out of this classic Bavarian style - underlined with a vanilla and a scrumptious biscuity malt character.
Body & Mouthfeel - A medium bodied creamy texture with very low bitterness evokes images of a beer milkshake, but this belies its danger.
The HEF is disturbingly refreshing.

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Current Rating: 0/10 (based on 0 votes)

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