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Redoak Special Reserve

Barley Wine

Brewery: Redoak Boutique Beer Cafe
Country: Australia

Alcohol Content: 0.0%
Brewed Since:

Official Description:
Redoak's Special Reserve is a barley wine speciality beer. A barley wine beer is a dark English style ale which is almost fortified like a wine, hence the term ‘barley wine’. However, it is still a beer because it is made from grains, not grapes. What distinguishes Redoak’s Special Reserve is that it has gone through three fermentations and is matured on various types of oak for over 2 years which adds a unique dimension and complexity to the beer.
Special Reserve Brewer’s tasting notes - It has a lovely aroma of alcohol with hints of vanilla. There is a sweet light maltiness on the palate which dominates the palate initially then dissipates as the flavour of vanilla comes forth and then explodes leaving an ‘exotic liquer-like’ finish. The beer is served in a custom-made crystal goblet to enhance the oak aromas, release the alcohol and develop the full flavours.

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Current Rating: 0/10 (based on 0 votes)

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