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Boag's Strongarm


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Brewery: Boag's Brewery
Country: Australia

Alcohol Content: 5.4%
Brewed Since: 1997

Official Description:
Boag's Strongarm was launched in 1997.
It was originally brewed in the early 1900s as a celebration of the brewery arm wrestling team's remarkable achievements. Boag's Strongarm is a beer close to the brewer's heart and returns the drinker to the best traditions of the brewing craft.
As strong in flavour as the name suggests. A full strength beer that delivers genuine malt flavours and rich hop characters with a refreshingly bitter finish.
The traditional recipe blends the purest Tasmanian malted barley with Pride of Ringwood hops which are then lagered the way they were back in the early 1900ís. This, combined with a higher mashing temperature and alcohol content, delivers a beer that satisfies the palate of any beer connoisseur.
Boag's Strongarm is a beer that embodies the knowledge gained from Boag's fine brewing tradition.

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