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Double Trouble

Dubbel Belgian Ale

Brewery: Holgate Brewhouse
Country: Australia

Alcohol Content: 8.0%
Brewed Since:

Official Description:
Limited Release.
Double Trouble, the Holgate version of a "dubbel" , its an awesome example of a Belgian Abbey beer or Trappist Ale.
The Double Trouble is a dark-amber ale weighing in at 8.0% a/v, brewed after the high-alcohol style made famous by the Belgian monks particularly the Cistercian order known as Trappist Monks. This "dubbel" style offers a soft, malty fullness in the mouth, subdued hop character, an intense and unique after-taste hinting at raisins and cognac... something special.

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Current Rating: 0/10 (based on 0 votes)

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