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Suburban 8 Rugby League Brisbane Broncos POG (1995)

Set of 15 (1-15)

Country: Australia

Brand: POG

Theme: Rugby League

This set was only released in Brisbane, where they were redeemable for half price entry into Birch Carroll & Coyle's 'Suburban 8' cinema complexes, between the dates printed on their backs (different numbers have different dates in 1995). As such, it may be possible that most Tazos collected in this set were traded in, and possibly destroyed.

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Michael Hancock
Wendell Sailor
Alan Cann
Allan Langer
Wayne Bennett
Andrew Gee
Kevin Walters
Chris Johns
Kerrod Walters
Terry Matterson
Darren Smith
Willie Carne
Steve Renouf

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Glenn Lazarus

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John Plath
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