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This guide is designed to list all sets of Tazos, and similar discs, released in Belgium, and, where possible, include a listing of any and all variations to the sets.
For ease of use, I have listed the sets in Alphabetical Order, and so, certain sets will appear odd or out of order (where their numbers do not start at 1).
Any help would be appreciated to pad out these pages, so if you know of sets that I have not listed, or additional details for sets that I have listed, please contact me. Hopefully, in time, this database can be 'completed'.
Click on a set name to get more details and/or a checklist and picture listing.

Set NameYearNo. in SetVariationsNo. inc. VariationsKnown Errors
Belgische Luchtmacht (Belgian Air Force)?7? (#-#)No7No
Biebel/Bibul Strippies199560 (1-60)No60No
Billy Laser Caps Set A?4 (1-4)No4No
Billy Laser Caps Set B?4 (1-4)No4No
Billy Laser Caps Set C?4 (1-4)No4No
Crokido's Zoo Caps?25 (1-25)No25No
Croky Caps199560 (1-60)No60No
Croky CeeCees Bubble Corn Chips New Packaging Caps19975 (#-#)No5No
De Modekoningin (The Vogue Queen)?9 (1-9)No9No
Del Monte Quality Fruitini'z?6 (#-#)No6No
Donkey Kong & Choco Pops Kellogg's199615 (1-15)No15No
DragonBall Z Mad Caps?192 (1-192)No192No
Duckman Croky?52 (1-52)No52No
Jommekesbrood - 1 - Met Brood19965 (1-5)No5No
Jommekesbrood - 2 - Detail19965 (1-5)No5No
Jommekesbrood - 3 - Zonder Brood19965 (1-5)Yes6No
Le Petit Spirou / De Kleine Robbe Mini Babybel Babycap's199615 (1-15)No15No
Lucky Luke Bi-Fi199514? (1-14)No14No
Lucky Luke Bi-Fi Slammers1995? (#-#)No3No
Miss Belgian Beauty Finalists 96-97199724 (#-##)No24No
Op Heksenjacht Flipjes19969? (1-9)No9No
Pepsi Cola Classic Images199560 (1-60)No60No
Persil Strippies1996100 (1-100)Yes103Yes
Pokémon Flippo200125 (1-25)No25No
Pokémon Flippo Evolutions200120 (26-45)No20No
Royco Aïki Noodles?12 (#-#)No12No
Spacix - Alpinia199612 (1-12)No12No
Spacix - Arena199612 (1-12)No12No
Spacix - Atlantida199612 (1-12)No12No
Spacix - Azura / Nivéa199612 (1-12)No12No
Spacix - Coloria / M&M's199612 (1-12)No12No
Spacix - Cometa / Milky Way199612 (1-12)No12No
Spacix - Coralia / Bounty199612 (1-12)No12No
Spacix - Creativa199612 (1-12)No12No
Spacix - Cupida / Coca-Cola Light199612 (1-12)No12No
Spacix - Dinosauria / Het Volk199612 (1-12)No12No
Spacix - Energa / Mars199612 (1-12)No12No
Spacix - Exotica / Bounty199612 (1-12)No12No
Spacix - Exploria / Het Volk199612 (1-12)No12No
Spacix - Festiva / Anco199612 (1-12)No12No
Spacix - Footia / Snickers199612 (1-12)No12No
Spacix - Fruxia / Minute Maid199612 (1-12)No12No
Spacix - Fugua / Twix199612 (1-12)No12No
Spacix - Magica / Milky Way199612 (1-12)No12No
Spacix - Melodia / Twix199612 (1-12)No12No
Spacix - Moovia / Peugeot199612 (1-12)No12No
Spacix - Musica / Coca Cola199612 (1-12)No12No
Spacix - Nutria / Kellogg's199612 (1-12)No12No
Spacix - Pyramida / McDonald's199612 (1-12)No12No
Spacix - Robotica199612 (1-12)No12No
Spacix - Solara / Coca Cola199612 (1-12)No12No
Spacix - Sportia / Snickers199612 (1-12)No12No
Spacix - Superia / Kellogg's199612 (1-12)No12No
Spacix - Titania / Mars199612 (1-12)No12No
Spacix - Urbana / Fanta199612 (1-12)No12No
Spacix - Urbana / Sprite199612 (1-12)No12No
Spacix - Vitalia / Kellogg's199612 (1-12)No12No
Spacix - Voltaga / Fanta199612 (1-12)No12No
Spector Birdies?48 (1-48)No48No
Spirou Robbedoes Caps199577 (1-77)No77No
Star Wars Movie Shot199750 (1-50)No50No
Suske & Wiske Strippies199512 (1-12)No12No
Ter Beke Rondo's?26? (1-26)No26No
The Simpsons Clippos199715 (1-15)No15No
The Simpsons Croky199675 (1-75)No75No
The Simpsons Gallery Croky199725 (76-100)Yes26No
Tom & Jerry Roda Tommy's POG199560 (1-60)No60No
TopShots (Octagonal)?217 (1-217)No217No
Yazoo Yammie 'A' Series?25 (A1-A25)No25No
Yazoo Yammie 'B' Series?25 (B1-B25)No25No
Yazoo Yammie 'C' Series?25 (C1-C25)No25No
Yazoo Yammie 'D' Series?25 (D1-D25)No25No

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