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This guide is designed to list all sets of Tazos, and similar discs, released in The United Kingdom, and, where possible, include a listing of any and all variations to the sets.
For ease of use, I have listed the sets in Alphabetical Order, and so, certain sets will appear odd or out of order (where their numbers do not start at 1).
Any help would be appreciated to pad out these pages, so if you know of sets that I have not listed, or additional details for sets that I have listed, please contact me. Hopefully, in time, this database can be 'completed'.
Click on a set name to get more details and/or a checklist and picture listing.

Set NameYearNo. in SetVariationsNo. inc. VariationsKnown Errors
Alien Smash Caps?96 (1-96)Yes96Yes
Animal Series Chupa Caps?10 (1-10)No10No
Animaniacs POG199560 (1-60)Yes64Yes
Backwoods Buddies Fun Caps1995? (#-#)Yes6No
Batman Waddingtons POG199564 (B1-B64)No64No
Brilliant Frogs1995130? (1-130)No130No
Brilliant Frogs - The Frogs Are Coming!1995? (#-#)No4No
Chupa Caps - Foils?30 (61-90)No30No
Chupa Caps - Lenticular?30 (1-30)No30No
Chupa Caps - Standard?30 (31-60)No30No
Cyberdudes Slammer Whammers199424 (1-24)No24No
Fire Flies Slammer Whammers199424 (1-24)No24No
Judge Dredd Caps?50 (1-50)No50No
Judge Dredd Slammers?6? (#-#)Yes6No
Kawasaki Slammer Whammers199424 (1-24)No24No
Laser Caps?15 (136-150)No15No
Light Caps?15 (121-135)No15No
Looney Tunes Qubix199936 (1-36)No36No
Looney Tunes Tazos199650 (1-50)No50No
Machine Age Slammer Whammers199424 (1-24)No24No
Mad Caps?120 (1-120)No120No
Mini Monsters Slammer Whammers199424 (1-24)No24No
Monster Munch Tazos (Series 1)199630 (1-30)No30No
Monster Munch Tazos (Series 2)199610 (31-40)No10No
Peanuts Brilliant Frogs Limited Edition Series 1199548 (1-48)Yes672No
Pokémon Tazos200135 (1-35)No35No
Power Troopers Slammer Whammers?24 (1-24)No24No
Puppy In My Pocket Whammers199524 (1-24)No24No
Pure Poison Slammer Whammers199424 (1-24)No24No
Random House POG199516? (1-16)No16No
Rugrats Skips199824 (1-24)No24No
Skips Flips199420 (1-20)No20No
Slammer Jammer Slammers19943? (#-#)Yes11No
Slammer Whammers Series 1a Biker Bugs199424 (1-24)No24No
Slammer Whammers Series 1b Wise Guys199424 (25-48)No24No
Slammer Whammers Series 1c Skull Squad199424 (49-72)No24No
Slammer Whammers Series 1d Beach Bums199424 (73-96)No24No
Slammer Whammers Series 1e Slam Bams199424 (97-120)No24No
Slammer Whammers Series 1f Bod Squad199424 (121-144)No24No
Slammer Whammers Series 2a Wild Things199424 (145-168)No24No
Slammer Whammers Series 2b More Wild Things199424 (169-192)No24No
Slammer Whammers Series 2c Alien Dudes199424 (193-216)No24No
Slammer Whammers Series 2d Mad Caps199424 (217-240)No24No
Slammer Whammers Series 2e Rad Caps199424 (241-264)No24No
Slammer Whammers Series 2f Cool Caps199424 (265-288)No24No
Slammer Whammers Slammers199428? (1-28)Yes35No
Slammer Whammers Special Edition Collector Caps199436? (1-36)No36No
Space Precinct Waddingtons POG199564 (SP1-SP64)No64No
Space Precinct Waddingtons POG Slammers19956 (SP1-SP6)Yes12No
Star Wars Tazos199750 (1-50)No50No
Star Wars Tazos Force Cards19978 (1-8)No8No
Super Street Fighter II (Merlin Collections)1993100 (1-100)No100No
The Limited Edition POG199630 (GW1-GW30)No30No
The Lion King Panini Caps?36 (1-36)No36No
The Mask Milk Caps Skips199530 (1-30)No30No
The World Tour POG199564 (1-64)No64No
Tombola Caps?169+? (1-169)No169No
Toys 'R' Us Official Slammer Whammers19941? (#-#)No1No
Waddingtons POG199470 (1-70)No70No
Waddingtons POG Slammers19948? (1-8)No8No
Waddingtons Weetabix ChexPOG?32 (1-32)No32No
World Tazos199620 (51-70)No20No

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