Argentina / Argentinian Tazos Guide

This guide is designed to list all sets of Tazos, and similar discs, released in Argentina, and, where possible, include a listing of any and all variations to the sets.
For ease of use, I have listed the sets in Alphabetical Order, and so, certain sets will appear odd or out of order (where their numbers do not start at 1).
Any help would be appreciated to pad out these pages, so if you know of sets that I have not listed, or additional details for sets that I have listed, please contact me. Hopefully, in time, this database can be 'completed'.
Click on a set name to get more details and/or a checklist and picture listing.

Set NameYearNo. in SetVariationsNo. inc. VariationsKnown Errors
Animaniacs Brilla Tazos199620 (41-60)No20No
Animaniacs Tazos199640 (1-40)No40No
Aski Tazos199824 (1-24)No24No
Aski Tazos Edición Especial199815 (25-39)No15No
Banda Baranda Tazo Ganador20025 (#-#)No5No
Bicho Tazos La Venganza199830 (1-30)Yes80No
Bob Esponja (Sponge Bob)200435 (1-35)No35No
Chester Arma Tazos (Pink Backs)199540 (1-40)No40No
Chester Arma Tazos (Purple Backs)199520 (41-60)No20No
Chester Por El Mundo 3D Tazos199641 (1-41)No41No
Conexión Alien200690 (1-90)No90No
Contacto Alien Tazos200330 (1-30)No30No
Digimon Digi Movie 3D's200125 (1-25)No25No
Digimon Super Mega Tazo Volador200120 (1-20)No20No
Gol en Contra Eber Ludueña200620? (#-#)No20No
La Máscara MoviTazos (The Mask)199840 (1-40)No40No
Looney Tunes Mega Tazos199420 (61-80)No20No
Looney Tunes Super Tazos199420 (41-60)No20No
Looney Tunes Tazos199440 (1-40)No40No
MaxiBichoso20045 (#-#)No5No
Mundo Prehistórico Dino Tazos199536 (1-36)No36No
Películas Disney: 101 Dálmatas (101 Dalmations)199712 (1-12)No12No
Películas Disney: Aladdin199712 (1-12)No12No
Películas Disney: El Jorobado de Notre Dame (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)199712 (1-12)No12No
Películas Disney: El Rey León (The Lion King)199712 (1-12)No12No
Películas Disney: La Bella y La Bestia (Beauty and the Beast)199712 (1-12)No12No
Películas Disney: Toy Story199712 (1-12)No12No
PepsiCo Promo Pe$os20056 (#-#)No6No
Pokémon Tazos 2199830 (#-#)No30No
Pokémon Tazos/GiganTazos1998150 (1-150)No150No
Star Wars Trilogy (Trilogía la Guerra de las Galaxias)199730 (1-30)No30No
The Dog200550 (1-50)No50No
Tiny Toons Figuri Tazos199420 (1-20)No20No
Trompower Tazo Ganador20033 (#-#)No3No
VR Troopers199630 (1-30)No30No

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