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"SkyCaps" Branded Sets

Sets From The United States Of America

Set NameYearNo. in SetVariationsNo. inc. VariationsKnown Errors
Batman: Knightfall DC SkyCaps (Black & White Backs)199354 (1-54)No54No
Image Comics Skycaps199371? (1-71?)No71No
Jurassic Park Skycaps199354 (1-54)No54No
Jurassic Park Skycaps Holograms19936 (#-#)No6No
The Simpsons Bongo Comics Skycaps199450 (1-50)No50No
The Simpsons Bongo Comics Skycaps Slammers19941? (#-#)No1No
Batman: Knightfall DC SkyCaps (Blue Backs)199354 (1-54)No54No

International Tazos Guide

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